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Gabriel Naves

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Thank you! :)

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah, I had the same issue with my game, but the bug I had made it completely unplayable 😅

I did play the fixed version, and still had some camera issues  (less than the jam version, but I still had it).

Loved this game! The music is awesome, but it's not looping. I also had some issues with the camera, but didn't stop me from beating it. Would love to play more levels!

Hey guys, this game is a continuation of a game I previously made by myself in a 24-hour format. I honestly could not find the actual rules to this jam on the discord server or anywhere so I don't really know how valid as a submission this game is, but me and Alexandre still wanted to make it as we felt that if was a good fit for the theme. 😛

In any case, tell us what you think of our game! Any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

sok-stories community · Created a new topic Updates?

Are you guys planning on updating this tool in the future? I just started playing with it and I'm having fun so far, but I noticed that the last update was a while ago (91 days, from the time I'm writing this), so I was wondering if there's a public roadmap for this or something...

oops :X

I wanted to make it easier to control the ball, but the game would have been too easy... so I decided to make the AI the way it is :P

I kind of underestimated the challenge of designing (and drawing) pinball machines with this game, I spent a lot more time to make this terrible machine than I expected to, so I had less programming time than I expected xP