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Gabriel E Fleck

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We love to hear you had fun, greetings from brazil!

Thanks for the video! We love to see people playing it and we learn a lot from this. I really need to make an extra level some day for hardcore players have more fun ( we also think the game is actually very easy) :D

Nice game.


For truly Oldschool warriors, the game is indeed easy! Thanks for the feedback :D

You can change Graphic Settings on menu if the game is lagging, thanks for playing :D

Esse jogo é muito violento.

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Hey man, we had a lot of fun watching your video and we love having that feedback. we always learn something. The game was a college end job and it would initially have an end boss in the same place where you said it but we had to get it out to deliver the game on time. Maybe in a future version or in a new game we can create all the ideas considered and deliver something even better! Thanks for playing! Greetings from Brazil.


We got a new game, if you wanna try it :D

Maybe you like this new one?

I used this script on my Load Screens for my game, if you wanna check! :D

Game link:

Many Thanks!

Nice to Know you Liked! :D

Just Following for this great work! Maybe I use on the future :D