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Thank you I'm very happy you liked the game so much and that you love Lizbett gaslight gatekeep girlboss

Dzięki! Do pełnej wersji daleko, bo na razie kończę drugą gierkę, i planuje odnowić grafikę do pokojówki.

Your game is so adorable!!! I wish there would be more pornographic/ erotic content for women like this <3 The fish boy is so cute too, I would date him. Can't wait to see what else you make.

Thank you!

thats how i draw too

Thanks!! Qt things are best... 

hi i uhh im gab i like to make story focused games bout my characters I mostly make all of the art in my games, im working on 2 projects for now but i hope I can make somethin fancy for this jam;w; this time im working with a friend!! 

I make games in rpgmakerMv, maybe one day I will make something in gamemaker (never) 

Heres my art gallery


Ty for playing and making this lets play!!

Thanks for playing and making gameplay (I haven't watched it bc i didnt had time yesterday but i will check it out today). Im SUPER happy you liked it l, commemts like this tell its worth to make more games. And yes this game is puzzle rpg not horror (there are some more serious moments later but thats all). When i make full ver should I notify you??

This game freaked me out, nice graphics and atmoshere (btw it would be nice if girls had more varied faces, right now they look like drawn from one template). Story concept is pretty interesting with whole school and alien thing reminded me a bit of misao, and i wonder how you want to expand it further^^


Thank you! Lot of work was put into it

I will thank ONE MORE TIME bc why not, but i have more important question

When False Awakening episode 3???

Hi, and thanks for such a nice comment! 

One of my main inpirations is Hajime Ueda, you can see examples of his artstyle in monogatari series endings. He's artstyle is very unique and even scary tbh. My other inspiration is Deep Sea prisoner, I started making games after playing their games and while I'm not exactly a fan of their games (they have some gore and show incest as well as rape), I love the way they design and draw characters. I also follow a lot of artists on twitter that have interesting artstyles!

If you want to see more of my art and game development you can browse my twitter

I played it yesterady and I gotta say im SHOCKED. But in a positive way. 

So first the effects and they use is amazing they add so much feeling to some moments like hallway and ending (I wont say details bc thats spoilers) 

Second i love your writing style. Like i like how you write dialogues and when something serious happens, next moment is more lighthearted and plot balances itself. That`s why i really like Succour bc she's more like a comic relief compraed to others. Im also interested how story will play out in later chapters

 hope you get more recognition bc you deserve it, Salik^^

Btw how many chapters are left??