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Oh, right. I’m pretty sure it includes something like that, but I could be wrong. I haven’t touched the plugin for a while, I’ll check and implement it if not. Thanks.

With an engaging and emotional storytelling, the game grows with each scene. The retro sessions are nostalgic and fun. The mapping is great. A beautiful game to demonstrate what RPG Maker is capable of. Congrats!

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The same way. The new version only brings new features. If you’re having difficulties using the plugin, check the examples with the demo.

I haven’t tested it. It might work with the native MV, but I think it’s unlikely to be compatible with the Altimit’s plugin. (Sorry for the delay.)

This has already been fixed. Sorry for the delay, I’m having technical problems. :)

Yes, for sure. This is in the plans. Unfortunately I needed to make some changes and my time has become scarce this month, but I intend to add these new features in the future.

I'm sure this plugin will look wonderful when completed. Great job, Reisen!

Esse jogo foi uma bela surpresa. Uma bela mensagem para todos, mas ainda mais significativa para nós desenvolvedores. Com certeza recomendo. :)