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Ah, didn't check. That's a fault on my part, I just assumed it wasn't 😅. Understandable to that file size thing. Mine is the same way. Wishing your game well now that my concerns have been answered! Removed!

How old is Zinnia?

We're not sure. Best not too think too hard about it.

She's a middle school student. So at most 10-14.

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the concept/game is good, I just...don't really get the choice to set it in Canada (English names and all) with them speaking full Japanese. French would've been awesome but..idk. It threw me for a loop while playing but that's just me. I mean, not to mention the, er. Planned 100% catgirls. But I'm ignoring that for my own sanity. 

Jokes aside, I'm sure people will love this. It's not for me, but can't wait to see what you'll do :)

please dont touch anything better title love this game

now i get people make controversial shit but this game needs to be nuked

only thing keeping me happy rn

I apologize on their behalf dear, fartbart.

I'm losing my mind over this

jerma noises

thank you so much i was searching everywhere-

me too- god dasmnit

theyre not ur daddy ask ur parents kid

that actually seems edible,  im thinkin... maybe hand over a slice

probably tastes like cigarette buds and twelve-day unwashed ass cheese

69 days later, and ....okay.

im losing my mind im at the AB part and i can't believe its canon that cove likes feet

ur right tho fr




it took kyle 15 hours to find and eat some bugs...i love this game

love this gameeeeeee!!!!!!!

I enjoyed this so much...too much god i love this game!!!

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broooooo i love the art omg!!! you should really add more screenshots and something to the description because this game is a hidden jewel most would pass! loved it for what it was!

yea..this game is my type of game

okay i have to say it, this is fucked lmfao

drew walugi from memory as a fnf rapper lolol

literally in love with this game

exactly what I needed!

Thank you!!!

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u the only person in the (recent) comments that they didnt answer im crying

god i love all of them so much I'm so gay for Haruka


click outside the photo for anyone wondering i just got the hero ending i can finally let this game go

u sound mad asf

what is wrong with the photo of the guy im struggling