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actually good and interesting horror game!

I really like the sounds, graphics, lighting, and overall atmosphere. I see the inspiration but it didn't feel intense or felt like a scene from a quiet place. It sucked that you were just walking through the same room over and over again.

I don't know what it is but I really liked this short experience. It's weird, doesn't really make sense, you walk around different liminal spaces. Walking simulators aren't always fun but this was cool

story is a bit confusing to me and the ending was pretty dumb. The jumpscare at the door was pretty goofy and whats with all the mannequins? gameplay is good tho

you just walk around and find keys. that's literally it lol. the mannequins just looked silly and don't do anything to you so what's the point of them being there

i love it when the naked dude sprints towards you lmao. goofy ass game

i like the atmosphere and being able to change your location with a flashlight  but its overall pretty pointless. you just walk around and find those little monster things. not much fun.