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Great Job! It surely is noteworthy!

Damn, mate, you are a war machine! How can you code this fast? I'll try the game out asap

I have a couple of questions to ask: which framework did you use to develop the game and would it be possible to compile it for a C128? (I mean in C128 mode, not C64). 

Awesome stuff! I'm the one who reviewed the game on Amigaguru's blog. Nice to make your acquaintance. 

Aw, I played the game on my C128 (in C64 mode, obviously), but I didn't get to it. I guess I died too early.... You'll get the link asap. Cheers

Are you the same Saberman who realize the video on IndieRetroNews about CyberPunks2? If so, well done.

It would be so cool if you managed to fix a .D64 image and embed the splash screen at game start. In any case, I'll take care of a proper review on RMW upcoming issue. Ottimo lavoro. 

I hope so too. I'll keep in touch.

Now that my A1200 is finally fixed, I had the pleasure to play the game from start to finish in one day. I really liked it a lot, and I hope to see more of the likes in a near future. Thanks for coding it. 

Best regards


I went for a quick run yesterday night, playing the game on a real A1200. It feels nice and fresh, one of those products where everything screams late 80ies, with pixels, colors, and exploration.  There is a fairly big map to explore, people to meet, and puzzles to solve. I need to get back to it a.s.a.p..

Well done!

Thank you very much. It is really appreciated.


Thanks a lot for the info. It keeps crashing on my real machine, but the hardware itself is under investigation for possible video chip problems. I'll let you know.

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Thank you for your interest in my games. I don't know if boxes are still around, but I can manage to at least send you a download link. Sadly, "The Secret of Middle City" should be re-dubbed "The Curse of Middle City"; it is all reported here.

And yes, "there is interest". I'll get back to you on individual sections.

Dude, this is mindblowing! I have the same "troubles" with art: I can draw and somewhat use colors, but not as professional as I would like for my games, even though I just make them for fun. Furthermore, it is a very time-consuming process. I would have never considered using an AI to generate what I need. Brilliant! 

As I promised, I tested the game without the 8MB Fast RAM expansion board but with no luck; it does not load.

Good morning mate, it's a pleasure to help. 

Please don't bother with the next-gen part: I tested on AOS4 just for the sake of it, but your game deserves to be played on original hardware (if available) as it was meant to be. 

Secondly, on my A1200 it crashes at different stages: sometimes after selecting a new game, others after navigating a few locations. It also crashed after the splash screen once, but I don't think there's anything wrong with the code itself. My A1200 is a stock unit (68020), the only expansion being an A1208 V3 8MB FastRAM board by That expansion has been giving me trouble almost since the start, but again, it might be because the A1200 wasn't used for a long time and, even though recently recapped, it needs some polishing against the oxide. Time permitting, I'll try to run the game without it and see how it goes. 

Finally, you may be right about the outdated WinUAE version of Amigaforever. I'll try WinUAE if I can, but I'd rather enjoy the experience of the real thing :-).

PS: did you get the TF1230 from Amigastore? I am considering buying one, but I first need to confirm there's nothing wrong with my A1200's motherboard.

PPS: whenever you have time, I'd like to know more about the developing process of NeonNoir. I coded two games for high-end Amigas ("The Secret of Middle City" and "CyberSphere"), but I'd really love to finally develop something for the classics. 



Hello there. First off, congratulations on the game: the music is just in the right mood and the visuals are beautiful, however, I have to report that:

*it starts nicely on my A1200 (real hardware), but freezes and crashes soon after (every single time) with a guru meditation error (usually: 8000 000B or 8000 0003). Those errors are often related to Gotek problems, but I transferred the game via SD card and then copied it (and ran) from the HDD. I have an 8MB expansion board, so I wonder if that may be the cause;

*it completely freezes (I had to switch the power off to reboot manually) my next-gen Amiga running AOS4.1 on a Sam EP flex: apparently, the JIT emulator doesn't kick in or crashes on start-up;

*it runs nicely when emulated with Cloanto's AmigaForever suite, even though the mouse pointer locking mechanism doesn't work as it should: as a result, the pointer "escapes" from the emulation window and needs re-locking.

I am not sure if these lines will be helpful or what, but I sure hope so since cyberpunk is, by far, my favorite genre. Overall, very nice job!


Just .... WOW! Thank you so much!

What a story! I love it!

Come sempre, un'opera certosina che sarà di aiuto ai non-programmatori per iniziare, ma nella quale anche i programmatori abituali potranno trovare utili spunti di riflessione.

Another great update. Thanks!

Thanks for making this happen

I hope you guys like my review

Just finished Hibernated1. Will soon start the add-on, so I can get ready for Part2