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Simple Game Systems

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Hey Techsins. No it's not dead. It's just getting an overhaul. This version was mostly a proof of concept and challenge. The new version will have finished systems.

Of course, everyone who bought this will get the update for free. I can't say (because I don't know myself) when this will be though.

Hey Nighteye424,

this won't be updated any time soon. I plan to go back to this at some point, but right now I have more important projects though.

This is a known bug. I didn't have time to address this issue yet, as I'm working on all systems at the same time, it might take a bit. I'm on it though.

I first want to get the controller done, when that's ready, I will go back to the inventory and make it a bit better.

This is the AI stuff I'm working on. If it looks a bit like EmeraldAI, you're right.

I have a newer version with tabs and all but it's not done yet, so you have to live with this one :)

I'm still working on it. Heavy Duty on the AI and still trying to get the controller to work.

I worked on a dark souls type of controller, but it's not working as expected, so I try different things, which takes some time.

I could push an update, but since I have no system done yet you would not have anything interesting to work with at this point.

I want to get this controller done before I push another update, but I have to develop it, test it, make changes and see if it works well, if not, I scrap it and start from scratch.

If you want to help, you could write down what you expect in the next updates, see if I can push something before the controller is done.

Hey, your description says this game was part of a rapid prototyping course, care to tell which course ?