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I know you're gonna be updating the game, and I'll be sure to check it out once you do, but I really enjoyed the current version as well. Spent all weekend playing and now I'm onto the next season :)

Ohh, this is right up my alley 💛 The story, the charaters and the writing itself. I usually play IF on mute, because the sound distracts me from reading at times, but your BGM choice fits so well I can't possibly turn it off.

Ohh good to know about itch, 20% is a lot :0 I usually try to buy kofi for creators if they have it, but wasn't sure how much difference it makes.

If you ever make a spinoff, I'll check it out for sure. 

Also, dw about money, I'm in a privileged enough position to support others so Imma do it while I can 🫶 Plus tbf, if I could, I'd sponsor the whole game creation because it feels like whatever you do, I'm THE target audience. Like I couldn't ask for more if I commissioned it, and it all lives in my head rent-free.

Your games never miss I swearrr

Great story, characters and art. VA, UI and OST are all superb as usual. Everything comes together so well 💚

The whole team did great!

Would you prefer payment here or on kofi? I can do whichever

So goofy lol 

I love the game, BGM choice rocks

Nice well-made game, quite immersive. I liked all the characters, side ones included. My MMO experience is solo-ing it or playing with irl friends, so I've never experienced anything like in the game. It was very enjoyable. Cool icons for different classes btw

First time I've seen such a game mechanic, very nice

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Great demo! Looking forward to getting to know everyone better as the game progresses 💛

Edit: omg I love the difference in both text and choices depending on the test results that's awesome

I don't know what I was expecting getting into the game, but I was surprised with what I got (in a good way). I didn't expect any of the routes to go the way they did and couldn't predict which choices would lead to what type of ending. The true end was bittersweet, I'm glad I've left it for last (peeked into the walkthrough for this).

Thanks for the game 🖤

Omgg I thought I knew what the twist was like in the middle of my first playthrough, but I was wrong. And then I was wrong again! The game kept me on my toes, amazing story.

The art is great and the game is very well made overall, 11/10, would show it to my rats

Woo that was creepy

I'm so glad I got the "jump-scary" endings out of the way first and then went onto more calm (??) endings before going to bed lmao

You've nailed the unsettling atmosphere to a T, really enjoyed getting tense and scared 

Boy, do I love mushrooms... The art and the colors esp are so pretty!! And the dialogues are fun to read. Might have to commission your own character from you (should you reopen them), because the design is just too damn endearing

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I've enjoyed the game. The pacing was a bit too slow or too fast in some places, but overall it was an interesting story with complex characters. The art style and BGM are also great. I've only got 4 endings yet, but I'll start a new run soon. It also looks really interesting from a programming perspective. I know how to program "boring" stuff in java and I was looking into learning python for some other work-related activities. But after playing this game I'm thinking maybe I should also learn it for hobby-related "fun" activities.

Thanks for the game :)

Very cute short game! Loved the art and the minigame

A very sweet game. Though it's on the shorter side, it was very enjoyable. Looking forward to the DLC :)

I might not be the target audience because I'm not a fan of soulmates / red string of fate, but I still enjoyed the story and the LI. I liked the transitions to the next parts of the story and the different ways MC and Van interacted with each other.

A beautiful game, both art and story. I've enjoyed all the endings. I loved that there's only a subtle difference between Modesto/Modesta. The Extras were all unique and intriguing.

Gorgeous game. The story, the art, the characters, the BGM. I'm not good at putting my thoughts/emotions into words, but that was an amazing experience. 10/10

Played the next day after playing the original VN and loved both. I liked the differences in how the story played out depending on whose POV it was.

I've played a couple of your games before this one, so I was elated to see psychological horror VN by you. And you delivered 😇 I enjoyed reading through all the endings.

I liked both endings. You really come through when I only have the energy for short VNs 🫡 Also got lost in the store 3 times TT (happens in real life as well)

I was so bad with those mini-games 😭 Also joining all the ppl mentioning cute UI

I was hesitant to play since I don't like the "romance with robots/AI" concept, but since it was twisted it ended up being better for my taste :D If I'm not mistaken this is the first of your games that I tried, but I have more on the "to play" list and will definitely check them out ♥

I really enjoyed this game. All the routes were nice and the game had a cool atmosphere. I don't always like puzzles and other such elements in VNs but here they made sense and were integrated naturally.

I need to have a very specific type of mood to get into historical drama/romance, so it took me a while to finish all the routes but I loved it! I enjoyed the MC and her dynamics with the LIs

I've played patreon version of the game, but I'm sooo glad you've managed to get Aspen in the final version. I don't self-insert and have aphantasia so I'm super happy I get to see an actual character and not a blob of darkness 😃I'm really enjoing the game

That was so interesting! I have trouble consuming long(er) content, but I got caught up almost immediately. The story was captivating with a lot of pieces that start to make sense as you progress. The art and music was great also. I'll go support you on kofi as well, cause I feel I didn't pay enough initially for the amount of content I got in the end

I did not expect the true ending lol. I went with Ichigos' route initially, got all of his endings, and now I realize I need a break before going through Yuzukis' route ngl 😅

Great demo! I feel like it gives a solid idea of what to expect from the full game. Good luck c:

The tail swinging back and forth is a literal trap for my brain

This was such a cute story, made me so soft 💘

very short but cute game. VA and art style are 💯

Playing all of the routes was such a joy. I don't think much about possible plot twists, so I was very invested to find it out. All the characters were interesting and the whole concept was so so good ❤

Interesting concept and the character design is beautiful. Would love to see how the story unfolds :)

This is sooo good?? I like the GUI and Micah (both art and VA) and the mini games. Ten out of ten.

I liked that you had to replay the story to fully understand what was going on. Also thanks for the Post-Mortem, I enjoyed reading about the lore.

Okay, I was hella apprehensive of Mark, but the route was so good. I'm glad I'm usually checking out every route, would be sad to miss this.

For me, Luca was the hardest to figure out the ending for.  My first choice was Tristan, but I did like all the guys.

The game is short, but character growth was still shown and nobody left me dissatisfied.

Also, I was hyped for MC to be in her thirties and being open about liking otome, sadly I could never, but good for her, good for her

Gonna be honest, I started this game knowing I'm not the target audience. I just liked the art style and decided to give it a go anyway. And while it was a bit too fast-paced for me and there were a couple of moments that kinda irked me a bit, I'm really glad I've played it.

It turned out more interesting than I anticipated and I didn't expect some things to happen at all. I saw a lot of potential in it, and I will play all of your future games. I am the target audience now :D

I loved this so much I went to patreon for beta build as soon as I was finished with the demo :D So-so many details that are just straight up my alley