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I like how you said you aren't bothering to answer me then wrote a small novel in response. As for refuting your retardation: No an SJW is to a normal equality minded person as the WBC is to your average christian.  SJWs are extremists, which means are they are retarded (like you!). They are also unable to properly distinguish fiction from reality, and think that depiction means endorsement (again just like your stupid ass!) You are a moron however, so I wouldn't expect you to get the difference. Ryen is merely more willing to go out there and get shit done, this doesn't make him a better person, he is just as willing to rape a woman in his rape dungeon as he is to try to lewd someone the old fashioned way. He is an opportunist looking out for himself, not some great fucking moral person like your idiotic ass thinks he is. In many cases he is just as the people who fucking kicked off the #metoo movement (lust potions fucking people who work for him, or fucking women under false pretenses.) So i take it you hate the stereotypical idea of a rapist but Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Matt Hickey are just fine? This shit is why you are a hypocrite, and a dumbass. I have played and finished up to current content on all games mentioned here, so I do know what i'm talking about here, unlike you. For boob size I know women with boobs that huge personally, some with more petite frames, and some less so, that still stick to the somewhat slim and curvy body types. You don't have to be a BBW to have very large tits, but again since you havent seen a naked woman in person before you wouldn't know this.  As for respecting women, if you wanted to be fucking respectful you would say, this art isn't really to my taste, not sperging and going "OH MY GOD THIS ART IS GROTESQUE THIS ARTIST IS TERRIBLE!" like a fucking moron.  Also it quite funny that you wish for me to use my mind, when yours has seemingly atrophied from disuse.

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OK, we get it, you want to white knight on the internet in the vain hopes of having a woman deign to touch you. It's clear from your posts you don't even know how the female body works, as you've like never seen a naked female body in person, much less touched one. You are a fucking moron, and a hypocrite as others have pointed out. Ryen's entire setup is based on a lie that he is someone who is not, which is rapey itself since he is not the guy he pretends to be so you cant even be offended and have some actual basis in fact, because you are again, a fucking moron. You also go around to other places fucking complaining about  boobs, so I can only assume you are one of those idiots who thinks big tits is misogynist or something retarded.  You think women with large breasts aren't realistic? Plenty of women have large natural tits on petite frames, but you wouldn't know, would you, having never seen a naked female body in person. You tried HC and immediately went "oooh i can virtue signal to see if i can get some attention!" hopped over here and started fucking sperging like the idiot you are. You aren't even really in it for respecting women, given you think big titted petite women are grotesque and attacked a FEMALE artist for the way she enjoys to draw women. Please go be a retarded SJW elsewhere.

TL:DR: Go fuck yourself. (with a rusty cheese grater)