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Google Images isn't a collection of free images for you to use however you like, it's website that indexes image links from the web. It's your responsibility to find the source of the image and confirm if it belongs to someone, tip: 99% of the time it does. Make your own thumbnails. Channels get shut down daily due to copyright claims on thumbnail artwork, don't be one of those channels.

You stole your thumbnail from MattShea... not cool man.

My Time at Portia has incredible potential so far, it's already far more polished than most games in Alpha stage.

Here's a longer, 30 minute Let's Play of the opening quests:

How's going going everyone! The updates so far are looking amazing, and the addition of skeletons to the gladiators is a gruesome, but cool addition. It's really made the deaths that much more satisfying! Great job!

In my video here, I spent probably too much time chiseling away the skin off of one of their faces, it's bloody, and it's fantastic! :D

Being a Dad myself, you'd think I would dominate this game. I never expected this Dad to have such a demanding family however!

Really enjoyed this unique game, and I thought reorienting the house after completing a task was a brilliant touch, which you don't come to fully realise till you're drunk. Well done.

I love the potential this game has! I can see this game becoming really popular.

A suggestion regarding the grass, would be to have small clusters of grass almost everywhere, which cannot be cut. Basically part of landscape. This grass can then grow longer, which you can then cut back to it's smaller length. The ground looks too bare when all the grass is cut at the moment.

Here's a video of me playing the game:

Looking forward to some updates!