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You're welcome!! It feels nice to help out other game devs, and playing Mochi Madness was delightful :)

From what I remember, the ladder glitch would happen upon exiting. I wasn't able to just freely move off the ladder while i went up or down which is good!

Oh yea, you're right there was a "how to play" screen,  my bad ^^' I suppose I forgot about it.

I can see why people may or may not want to know about the item abilities. I guess that will be up for you guys to decide, depending on the "tone" you want your game to have, if that makes sense.

Using P to pause the game isn't uncommon! But, more people are accustomed to using ESC or Space. In my opinion, ESC makes more sense, since that button is easier to navigate to for a lot of people.

You're absolutely welcome! I'll be looking forward to it!

Hi! I played this game with a friend for a little bit. It's really cute and the concept is great, but there are a few glitches and some improvements to be made.

First, the glitches. On the mode with the ladders and slides (very cool idea btw), sometimes I was able to fall off of the stage and I'd be able to float around in the empty space.

The other glitch I found was while my friend stabbed me. I was still able to move around, floating away kind of.

Next, I have some suggestions to make the game better. When we played, we didn't exactly know what the goal was. We knew that the game is about stabbing each other, but we didn't know how to actually win. For example, we were thinking "am I supposed to stab you three times to win?" or "are we supposed to stab each other as many times as we can under a time limit?" This can be solved by adding a rules screen or something to explain how to win.

Also, we didn't know what the items were at first. We figured out that the jelly is used to speed up who ever is on it, but it would be nice to be told what it does beforehand. The two poles on the first game mode were also misleading to me. I thought I had to stick my friend to my pole, or throw her past the pole. Depending on what you guys decide on, there should be a score indicator for each player when we do something successfully so that we know that we did something right.

Lastly, while in the game, there was no way to leave the game mode to go to a different one. We had to close the game entirely to choose a different game mode.

Anyways, I hope this helps! I'll be looking forward to an improved version of the game! Good luck!

This is a very cute and pleasant game! I love the concept of it and the narrative <3

This game is so pleasant i love the idea behind it <3

I also experienced this issue, but on Windows 10