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too cute aaaaaa >-<

I love how they're all synced to the audio. That's such a cute touch!

This reminds me so much of those flash games you would find on sites like armour games or coolmathgames! I love how nostalgic it feels


I've always been curious about what a second person video game might play like, and this is such an interesting take on it! I especially like that you can't just go through the whole game without the prisoner guy. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the mouse sensitivity is really low lol.

The feeling of bouncing in this game is sooooo satisfying! The sounds and the motion that was put into the jumping was really immersive for me. My only complaint is that this is just too short!!!

I LOVE the aesthetic of this game as well as the soundtrack, but i feel like sometimes the timing of jumps and whatnot is timed a bit weirdly. In what i think is the third level (the one before the giant skull thing) there's a bit with these disappearing platforms. I thought they'd be timed to the melody but they were timed to the offbeat instead. Other than that little thing, I really liked it and I'm very exited to see its progress!!

this looks fun!

I'm so hyped for this to come out!!

made another one of these lol

based real loosely on my 2 goth BFs Abbacchio and Risotto :))

Found this in a folder of stuff I bulk-downloaded, not knowing what the file was. Needless to say I'd get a big fright from the atmosphere! great job man.

This game is so surreal and atmospheric, yet very relaxing and pretty. Something I especially love is the music. Great job to Luka prinčič and Monplaisir for it! Exited to see what you'll do next.