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Starting out seems fun, unable to make it past 38 seconds as I play WASD/Mouse.  If there is ever support added for WASD to move Left/Right Up/Down using those, I would be happy to play again.

Seems cute, wasn't able to get past the opening text as I play with WASD, but if there is ever an update that includes support for WASD/Mouse I would be down to try again. Keep up the good work.

Seems cute, character custom design is about as far as I got.  I didn't see a way to enlarge the screen so trying to focus on a small box gets straining.  Good effort tho.

Super cute game.  I wish there had been levels but fun none the less. 10/10

It seems like it could be fun to play, however being unable to assign mouse keys is a huge draw back.  Staying cramped on a keyboard and adjusting the way I sit while playing had me wishing to switch to another game while still on the configuration screen.  I will probably give it another shot sometime later, but the furthest I could play is 7 minutes (4 of those trying to get the keys closest to what made sense).