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Cool!  We need more Color PET games :D

This is for the Color PET mod?


I like your suggestion for a higher difficulty too. Will look into it, at some point.  If you want more challenge from the game, see if you can find the easter egg! :D


Appreciate the feedback!  Good suggestion make joystick controls the default, I'll probably do that for the next release



Thanks for the feedback!  The bikes are 2 characters, but it takes 3 character positions to animate them.  Are you seeing an issue?  The release version will be out soon, I'm  just making final tweaks.

Love it! Super PETSCII Bros :D

Thanks, enjoy the game!

Appreciate the feedback!

I wrote a simple music tracker for this.  It basically just reads the notes/rests from an array structure.


Roguelite meets Robotron, I love it!

I have a soft spot for Roguelikes, and this one is great!

Very nice polished LTTP-style dungeon crawler!

Beautiful game.  Powerups would be a nice addition.


Thank you! I'd be honored to have this on the Stupid Pet Tricks disk.

I'm also planning to port this to the VIC, C64, and Plus/4 at some point in the near future..

Another great conversion to the PET, well done!

Have to admit though, it feels incomplete without the DK music :)

Great PETSCII graphics & fun to play! 

Sorry if I was unclear.  I just thought it would be neat to see the C= logo rotating as the ball spins.  

Nice effects on the logo flipping! It would be cool to see the ball spin. 

Thank you! It took some doing to get the curve right

Thanks! Logo is a fun language.

Thank you! I learned a lot about Logo when writing it. 

I also did an entry using Logo - great minds think alike!

Nice to see C128 BASIC get some love

Very nice!

Fun game and great PETSCII graphics! Are the Invaders supposed to continually respawn during a level? That gives it an interesting twist.

Can't wait to try this, the PETSCII animation looks great!

Very nice tool!

Awesome game pack! I tested these on my 4032 with SPT module and found a few joystick issues.. in Scramble the directions are not mapped correctly (for example, pressing right moves down).  In Gridrunner, joystick fire button is not being read.  Starforce seems to freeze at the starfield after the initial splash screen

Good use of PETSCII graphics! It works on my 4032 with stupid pet tricks joystick

Great game! It runs well on my 4032

Awesome! I already modified my copy, but looking forward to seeing what you  come up with.. :D

Very nice!  Game runs great on my 4032.   Any chance of adding support for the Stupid Pet Tricks joystick adapter?   Here's the details to support it: check user port $E84F : Up (bit 3), Down (bit 4), Right (bit 2), Left (bit 1), Fire (bit 6)

He's a coding example:

Unfortunately, VICE doesn't support this adapter yet. 

Ooh, this should be good!  Any chance of support for the SNES adapter?