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A tip: The birds will come back if you leave the area for a moment!

This charming little game delivers on its premise well. It evokes the feeling of the dry, dusty Wild West, of course, but more impressively it blends that with mystique so naturally that it’s easy to forget not every western has the unexplainable at its core.

Unfortunately, the time constraints of a game jam are noticeable. Near the end of my experience, I would forget which prompts I had already chosen, or go entire playthroughs not seeing any new prompts at all. I ended up having to put the game down without seeing everything it had to offer – or at least, not being sure that I had seen everything. I would’ve loved a marker for prompts I’d already read, and perhaps a little less randomness in its suggestions.

That said, I had a dream about it last night after playing it, which is a pretty high compliment. It’s a lovely world the creator has made, and I’m glad I got to visit it for a bit.

( doesn’t show reviews, so I figured I’d post it here in the comments as well.)