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I'm having a bit of trouble with making it Uncensored, when I downloaded it doesn't show up as a file, it just shows up as "Lily setup" are you in the discord server by chance?

No, this is his first novel.

Android will be released when it has enough updates.

Not cancelled, this is his first novel. He's working on it but also has to deal with IRL stuff, so it may be delayed.

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Nope, it's being worked, it just takes a lot of time is all, this is his first novel afterall.

Anymore content added to the patreon build? I'm planning on going there instead.

I'm using a Samsung S10e, when It finishes download; it would say "Can't open this file". The closes I can get to "somewhat" opening the file is using RAR opener but that would just show the codings and how many words you have used, etc.

Can't open file on android.

I can find dozens for you actually, reach out if you need sum.

Where is sal's password? I'm starting to get irritated, someone narrowed it down for me already but I still can't find it, I'm starting to just give up at this rate and find another. Ùwú

Public updates will be released until there are enough updates for patreon supporters.

Public updates will be released when there are enough updates for patreon supporters, so you'll have to wait a while unless you become a patreon.

No, however the left a survey for you to fill out, they take suggestions such as that and to why you'd want them to be dateable, so chances are that they MAY be dateable.

He said that he's been having IRL issues recently, however the project is NOT being canceled or ditched, he said that he will work on it during his spare time so as of now it will take a lot longer than before; for the newest update to be released.