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Thank you! No real Amazon workers have been hurt in the process of making this game.

LMAO I should’ve added some way to switch jobs too haha. Thanks for the feedback! Love that you’ve spent time playing my game <3

Right? We should start a jam with the theme “Conveyor” soon. This sub-sub-sub-genre gets way too little love.

And so the line between AAA and Indie game productions blur…

cool theme. I hope you’ll continue developing this after the jam.

Hey! You could qualify for the tiny award if you get rid of those last 10mb haha. looks cute. I’ll check it out.

The camera direction reminds me a lot of Shadow of The Colossus (even the menu!). Did you take a little bit of inspiration from it? Just curious.

I didn’t have any love to show to railways. Now I hug them anytime I see some.

Cool concept! I love to read the story while using the automatic walking. It’s kinda soothing and you get to know something about Helsinki and railways which are two things I never thought about and that’s pretty cool.

I’ll be waiting for “A walk in a metro train” continuation.

WOW! Many thanks for the docs! Very inspirational. Also, you’ve got some serious flow going on in your art. Keep it up!

The art is so lovable! Do you have ArtStation/Insta or something to follow you on?

Maybe you could add a couple easter eggs at places that are hard to reach (see pictures below) I think that would be funny. Maybe even a portal at some place which takes you into a hidden dimension where you get to pick an extradimensional weapon or something…

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I really loved it! Had a lot of fun exploring your world.

Awesome idea!

Man… this is so soothing!

The reply is very much appreciated!

I really like the movement concept! I could imagine a frankenstein-like scenario where you are the heart and slowy build yourself back into a humanesque being (a zombie I guess) by finding your limbs, organs and head, all of which change and extend the movement capabilities provided. And what then? Idk maybe go into another area and attack civilians or something. Maybe it's halloween and no one suspects the horrors that will follow after they innocently open the door for you...

Also just a quick question: How did you create the first part of the level? I tried to redo something similiar myself but it went nowhere... Like, did you create a landscape and then put on the organ-material onto the landscape-mesh?

Anyways I really look forward to further development and if you'd like to develop it further (even after Halloween and not alone anymore) I'd be up for that.

Cheers and really good work so far imo.