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where demo

A file will be created in the folder of the program. Run that file.

Do you have a 64-bit OS??? It's probably because you have a 32-bit OS, or because it's Windows 11.

will this game ever come out?

Game is now really working.

what engine did you use, or what coding language (also tell me what IDE)?

unzip it. it probably needs a x64 OS.

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didn't understand what to do in it.

Very good game and a very original idea, and I love that you used a doom engine to make it because it fits the Russian style!

The game is kinda hard. I get damaged when I defend myself.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!


Cool game! Def speedrunnable


Should remove the invisible walls in the forest, I mean, add a limit to the forest, it should be open. IT'S A FOREST!

Good game. It was nice if it was like 10 minutes!

You can check out Biowar 2 or Biowar 3. BUT DON'T CHECK OUT BIOWAR 1!

459 days... wow... its been a long journey.

Update v1.1 Log:

-Bug Fixes

I know, its caused by the engine because its EXTREMELY outdated. I cant do anything about it. I thought of making a DLC for this game. 

Hey! I dont know if it's kinda late to say this, but Principia 2 is out. It was released 3 months ago. You can play it!

What program did you use to make this? I'm just looking for apps to create new games, because I can't seem to find any good...

Thank you for playing!

Futuresoft official discord:

Futuresoft official discord:

Futuresoft official discord:

Futuresoft official discord:

Sea Engine will appear on 4th of November.

309 days since the game's release.

This game is perfect, I just didn't like the way the lights were rendered.

You always open the doors by pressing ENTER. You probably have the key for the door, you can still try pressing ENTER! 

The engine is Kronor Engine 03. It's made by us , but it's powered by FPS Creator, especially in the graphics. The engine is proprietary and it's not public. 

Update v1.1 Log:

-Ground Floor missing ceiling in the room to the Underground fixed

-More Floor 1 Gameplay


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Hello, people! Sorry for leaving the informations unknown for you. This game is never gonna be released due to different reasons. I have planned to tell y'all this in the middle of June. It's middle October. The game was very buggy too. But in the time you were waiting for it to release, we were making Tremor. It's now Tremor Soulex, after 3 and SVT. This game will be the last Survivor game that we release. You can check out Silent Night, a deep experience game, in which you need to escape a hotel. Hope y'all were ready for a moment like this, even if it was unexpected. Goodbye.

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Silent Night has been released (kinda fast). We worked around 4 hours without stopping. The game is made in Kronor Engine 03. The full game size is around 200MB. Please report bugs and glitches!