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la verdadera fantasía de poder: tirarse por un agujero. gracias por tanto 🫀🪨

jamás se hizo un juego más verdadero. tkm

i'm so happy with the characters you've built, this was such a fun read. <3 <3

que cucada por dios 💖

vaya novela más visceral, diego. me pegó fuerte. como siempre soy ultrafan de todo lo que haces.

You're a master of ambience, tension, and terror. The rhymes were a delightful little cherry on top. Incredible as always, Rae <3

so hard to be apolitical in this world 😔✊ thanks for keeping it real

yo creo que doraemon tiene opio en el peto mágico

expuesto en hilotwitter y denunciado a la @policía por #delitos de #opio

You're amazing, thank you so much!!

Thank you, I appreciate it! After poking around some more, I realized you've included a blank canvas where we can paint, which is already extremely useful. But if you ever have the time and energy for a tutorial/breakdown of this file that'd be super kind of you. Thanks again for your work!

This was a gorgeous, haunting experience. Thank you for making it.<3

I'm a huge fan of your tilesets and this was an instant buy for me, but I've never used tiled or tilesets in general before. Do you think you could make a quick tutorial/recording of you setting up these tiles in tiled? It'd be a huge help :_

juegocarlos del año. te quiero muchísimo rey

really fun experience!


te estás convirtiendo en mi autor favorito de ficción interactiva

Loved going through this beautiful dream. Amazing collection of artists, I loved how playful it felt going through each installation <3 <3

This is my cat and i am so happy ur so talented

esto es cine

Me flipa el gatetris. Qué locura. Soy malísimo pero me encanta.

This was so raw and tactile. Y'all really elevated the text with the kinetic elements and scrolling images. Amazing to read through. Thanks for making this <3

Guapísimo. Te quiero mucho.

increíble esto, finísimo. me lo pasé genial jugando <3 valió la pena esperar

vamos, 1500! mas jueguitos con piedras pls

Great concept, very fun <3

lovely and relatable as always </3 i love the vignettes y'all make so much.

a manifesto that can be read a million times. <3 great stuff as always, i'm gonna share this around and think about it.

this made me cry so much. i love you. i'm glad i met you and that you're here making such powerful work.

ya nada más este prólogo es increíble

que estilazo dios mio. soy un penco y me muero enseguida pero esto es cine igualmente

Ohhhh this was super fun :)

confidently cracking my knuckles because im an avid ca-dmv blog fan and i find this game hilarious

you're making me tear up again! this was so beautifully written and, again, extremely relatable. thanks for making this!


you're great. this is great. got me emotional

bro this is the opposite of a shitpost. high quality, relatable, and funny as hell. amazing job!!

ellis this was painfully real. holy shit. amazing job <3

This was lovely and painfully relatable. Loved the use of the single choice, too <3

thank you so much!!! i'm glad you enjoyed it :)