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I think Merit and the MC are my favorite characters but I also wanted to be good and stop reading the poems and can't continue ^^ Will enjoy reading more in future updates. 

This was stunning. Can't wait to read more. I adore all the ROs and am excited to try all the routes including the poly one ^^ Thanks for such an amazing story. 

Oh wow a day before my birthday 馃帀 awesome gift lol

I greatly appreciate this as I like that option to choose and not having to pic specific people to romance based on my own preferences. I can just romance whoever and choose my preferences when the time comes >W< Every now and then I do like to mix it up so the choice will always be nice to have.

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Ah I should clarify that I found more games over the recent years but I also don't just like bara games. I play a variety of bl and even some otome  games when I feel like it. there have been a lot of games I have wanted to play based on art style and story alone but the main character is only top like in No Thank You  for example. I love the art style of the game but I don't really feel like I can see myself as the MC in that game. BUT still a good game for those it does work with. I just never really connected to it. That is only one example. I do agree there has been a lot more games where you can be bottom over the past few years but many of them don't let you choose who you bottom or top with and that is what I enjoy. It is nice to have the choice. I usually try to play all routes when I like a game but I just get sick of not being able to choose. Most the time I do prefer to be bottom for everyone but I also don't mind toping when it is my choice. For some games I like that they tried to do the reversible roles but again still not a choice they just made you be bottom one time and top another or vice versa. I do hope this makes sense as I should have said games in the past. I have not seen any issue with it as of late. Just noticed them doing it more equally with Seiyuu Danshi when I got that. I am sure there have been others (I play a crap ton of games) but it was one where I felt it flowed well and made me want to try both versions.

I am super excited for this game. I have played Seiyuu Danshi and absolutely loved it. Still need to play Banana Ranch but I already know I will love that too. Your games always turn out the best. My favorite part is you make it so the person playing can pick which role they want to play if they choose to romance people. I tend to play bottom more then top and a lot of games make the player top more so really enjoy this. Thank you for such fun and entertaining games.

I believe they just set up a steam account recently. Wanted to let you know in case you missed it.

I still can't seem to get ending 6. Is there any other hint you could give?

Thank you for replying. Hope others will be interested as I always enjoy more inclusive games but either way the game looks fantastic so far. When I can get some money saved up I will look into purchasing the full version

i know you commented this a year ago but not sure if it's changed so asking now. I was curious if there was still no gay love interest on the male side yet? I still will play the free version but I lean more towards guys myself (as a guy) so would love to see at least one in the paid version before I buy it. No rush on it just was hoping to have the option. I really love the art style and concept and will try to play it soon.

I'm so excited for the next episode ^^

This was one of the games I looked forward to the most BUT I completely understand where you are coming from. I will still be excited no matter if you ever do come back to this but I will not be upset if it doesn't happen. I do look forward to the updated build and will still be supportive of any future works you do. Hope all goes well with you all

You're very welcome and thanks for the response.

I completely understand how  the cost could be to much at least at this time. I still find your games enjoyable no matter. Honestly, I have been focusing more on games that either gave gender choices or were BL cause well that's me but I always go back and play SM when I find time. The games are marvelous and love the characters and you all did a great job with the voice acting and art. I do share your games (well the links to where they can buy them) with friends so I hope that helps. 

 It really isn't a lot of changes really. CGs were the first I thought of and maybe some wording if they ever say her/she but yea those things are expensive so I will keep trying to help where I can. It would be amazing to see this happen though so I will keep mentioning the game to others ..maybe share it on twitter /instagram lol I dont know what else to do but try to help boost sales but if it works out I will be glad to have helped some. If it happens I will be one of the first to play the male version that is for sure.

I agree that it helps with being immersed in the game. I really like to put myself in the MCs position so it is much easier to do playing a male character as male but I still can enjoy it either way ^^

This was one of the first if not first Otome games I got on pc. I have it on steam both the first and the second and the CD. Just need the mini episodes. Honestly I may just get the bundle here anyways as it is nice to have it through itchio and can help support you in any other projects you may do. I still love the game and play it from time to time so will try to get this bundle as soon as I have some extra money.

As far as I know the only downside I have for this is it's only an otome game. Would have been nice to see MC be able to be either male or female but I completely understand that would cost to much to change art and such. Mostly I lean more to playing male characters as I am male myself and it just fits me but I love all romance and love stories of all kinds so this is still one of my favorites to this day. ^^ I wish you lots of luck with any future projects you may do.

Take care,

~ Grave

I didn't preorder yet but still plan to eventually.  I do hope you feel better soon and find someone to help work on the game. Good luck. 

Ah. I assumed it would have to be a beginning scene. weird that it says locked still as I did see it. Maybe cause I clicked fast as played before. I'll start a new game and see if it pops in if don't click to fast. I'll let you know if I get it to work. Thanks for the reply. 

so without stating any spoilers, I have now finished playing the full r18 version (played regular on my phone a long time ago) and got all the acheivements seen all 9 endings (though I do agree that the bad endings feel sort of like a game over but still got them). I went through my gallery in extras and realized I'm missing the first image in the other tab. I was wondering if you could tell me what to do to go about getting that or give a hint as don't need all the answers just really wondered what the image is of and i like completing games