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You're very welcome and thanks for the response.

I completely understand how  the cost could be to much at least at this time. I still find your games enjoyable no matter. Honestly, I have been focusing more on games that either gave gender choices or were BL cause well that's me but I always go back and play SM when I find time. The games are marvelous and love the characters and you all did a great job with the voice acting and art. I do share your games (well the links to where they can buy them) with friends so I hope that helps. 

 It really isn't a lot of changes really. CGs were the first I thought of and maybe some wording if they ever say her/she but yea those things are expensive so I will keep trying to help where I can. It would be amazing to see this happen though so I will keep mentioning the game to others ..maybe share it on twitter /instagram lol I dont know what else to do but try to help boost sales but if it works out I will be glad to have helped some. If it happens I will be one of the first to play the male version that is for sure.

I agree that it helps with being immersed in the game. I really like to put myself in the MCs position so it is much easier to do playing a male character as male but I still can enjoy it either way ^^

This was one of the first if not first Otome games I got on pc. I have it on steam both the first and the second and the CD. Just need the mini episodes. Honestly I may just get the bundle here anyways as it is nice to have it through itchio and can help support you in any other projects you may do. I still love the game and play it from time to time so will try to get this bundle as soon as I have some extra money.

As far as I know the only downside I have for this is it's only an otome game. Would have been nice to see MC be able to be either male or female but I completely understand that would cost to much to change art and such. Mostly I lean more to playing male characters as I am male myself and it just fits me but I love all romance and love stories of all kinds so this is still one of my favorites to this day. ^^ I wish you lots of luck with any future projects you may do.

Take care,

~ Grave

I didn't preorder yet but still plan to eventually.  I do hope you feel better soon and find someone to help work on the game. Good luck. 

Ah. I assumed it would have to be a beginning scene. weird that it says locked still as I did see it. Maybe cause I clicked fast as played before. I'll start a new game and see if it pops in if don't click to fast. I'll let you know if I get it to work. Thanks for the reply. 

so without stating any spoilers, I have now finished playing the full r18 version (played regular on my phone a long time ago) and got all the acheivements seen all 9 endings (though I do agree that the bad endings feel sort of like a game over but still got them). I went through my gallery in extras and realized I'm missing the first image in the other tab. I was wondering if you could tell me what to do to go about getting that or give a hint as don't need all the answers just really wondered what the image is of and i like completing games