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Not much we can do without regional pricing on

On Steam the price should be adjusted to fit your region's currency better.

We tried to get an updated version of the mac port built for the new languages we added on steam (and then we'd add that port here) but I haven't heard back from the porting dev for like 6 months now.

I don't think itch supports regional pricing at the moment, but on Steam I think the regional price is lower for OneShot.

Yeah I've seen this reported once or twice before but no idea why it happens, never was able to reproduce the issue.

This is normally caused by an outdated driver on an integrated Intel graphics card.  Please try downloading and installing this driver if you're using an Intel integrated graphics card:

Here are some steps on how to delete your save:

1) Navigate to your oneshot folder in your AppData (filepath should look something like "C:\Users\FutureCat\AppData\Roaming\Oneshot" but replace FutureCatwith your PC account name)

[Note: AppData is a hidden folder, so you may need to enable viewing hidden folders to access this directory if you want to navigate to it through file explorer]

2) Delete save.dat and p-settings.dat

3) Delete the save_backups folder

We are not legally able to distribute the french translation here, but it's available on the steam version if you want to buy it there.

I've answer this before but...

For legal reasons other languages will not currently appear in the itch build.

From my understanding the mac port on steam is not in the best state (doesn't run on the most up to date macOS), and we don't have contact with the developer we contracted out the mac port development to, so at this point we're not likely to try to release it on itch.

Also, I don't have a mac.

Okay I think I see why this is happening now.  This is an issue that occurs when you run the game with the "itch sandbox" mode enabled.

I'd recommend copying your save file from the itch profile to your main profile and running the game executable manually/with the sandbox feature disabled in the itch launcher.

Your itch save data will be stored in a folder that looks like this, with a slightly different itch id.  Be sure to turn on hidden folders if you're have trouble finding the full path.


Then copy everything from this folder to your main profile, that is, a folder that looks like this

C:\Users\<MAIN USER NAME HERE>\AppData\Roaming\Oneshot

It's possible the Oneshot folder won't exist in "C:\Users\<MAIN USER NAME HERE>\AppData\Roaming" yet, so create it if it doesn't.

If you do this, you should be able to launch the game executable manually and still have your save data, and then run the clover.exe as well to continue the game.

Try Documents/My Games/Oneshot

UPDATE: Looks like Intel has released a beta graphics driver that should fix this issue, please try downloading this driver:

Maybe try re-extracting the game, since if it's showing up as 0kb the file is probably broken.

Please see this thread:

It should either change your desktop background, or place a file on your Desktop if it fails to do that, I think.  I'll ask Eliza.

Please move only the txt files, not the entire folders into the big portal folder.

Hmmm, maybe try running the game as an Administrator?  Since it looks like the xScripts.rxdata file is exactly where the game is expecting to find it.

What location are you running the game from?  And how are you launching it exactly?

It's normally supposed to grab the PC user's name, but depending on how itch runs it, it might grab the itch name instead?

You'll have an opportunity to rename it pretty early in the game.

Which version of the game have you downloaded?

Can you confirm that the xScripts.rxdata file exists in the Data folder in the folder that Oneshot's been extracted/installed to?

Do you have a screenshot of the error message that pops up?

Tried to reproduce this using the steps the user listed, but was unable to crash the game.

Question: Which OS are you playing the game on?  And which build are you using?

Looks like it's there to me.

Yeah, it's the latest version.

Do you have an antivirus on your computer?  It seems like something is moving/deleting the DLLs every time you run the game.

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Which version of the game did you download?

Edit: nevermind, you downloaded the 64 bit version.  Can you try downloading the 32 bit version instead, and running that?

Do you have a screenshot of the error message that pops up when it says it's missing the dlls?

How are you doing that, exactly?

How are you running the game?  Are you just double clicking the oneshot.exe that's there in the screenshot you posted?

So when you run it, does it show an error complaining about missing DLLs?  And if so, which dlls?

Can you post a screenshot of where you've extracted it?

Where did you delete the save file from?

Please install the Visual Studio C++ 2019 redistributable if it's not already installed on your system prior to launching the game.

Oh also, have you tried downloading the 32 bit build instead?

Hmmm, not seeing anything very useful in the logs file there.  Can you try running the game again, and then checking the Event Viewer in windows to see if there's any events/logs raised by OneShot recently?  Normally if it's a hard crash like this, it'll show up there.

The window isn't resizeable, so I'd recommend playing in fullscreen mode for the most part if the window is too tiny.  You could also change your display resolution to something smaller like 1080p when playing.

What graphics card do you have?

Normally what's supposed to happen is once the clover app is running, you relaunch the game and then the game will proceed.

Are you launching either the game or the clover app as admin?  Can you try launching both as Admin (first the clover app, and then the game)

Can you use the arrow keys to move the cursor up and down, and press Z or spacebar to select an option on the main menu?