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Thanks so much for checking it out!

I dig it! Flinging the squirrel has a nice feel to it.

Once things get going pretty fast this is super fun to play. A physics felt a little floaty at first, but I got used to it.

Nice! This was fun to play around with. This is the kind of thing that would get even more interesting with controller support.

Appreciate it! Damn, you're right, that would be really great.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you were able to pick up on the turtle part. They're just very self conscious lil creatures.

This is the best that I've played so far. Really good job. The music, visuals, and mechanics work well with each other.

Super fun! 

Thank you! Yeah, I agree. Gotta get better with my time management when it comes to jams.  Appreciate it though!

Best time right now is 0:38! A little bit more polish could go a long way with this one for sure. Fun core mechanic though!

I see what happened now.  Next time I'll give myself a little more time before having to go to work :| .

My game ( isnt showing up in the submission dropdown. I'm off on my way to work, so I guess i missed this one.