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You may prefer our hard NTR game, My Futa Valentine 

Nope! But the Demetria Chastity bonus content drops on Patreon in like, two days, and it has some other stuff too 

How far down the Mallory path are you

and are you trying for Mallory The Reformer or are you going on a GLORIOUS CRUSADE

Probably. Though Demetria Chastity is still on for this month. 

Steam and Patreon release at the same time!

Both! We hope to have Wallis Part Two out for Patreons at the end of the month, but it'll be another month until it's free for our Itch backers. 

Nah, though landlord Betty is a mature woman who does prefer to be called Mommy 
She's into some weird stuff tho 

There are storylines in the game I like better, but I don't think there's a comic-three-seconds that I like better

well, the goddess gives her toughest battles to her strongest soldiers

Maybe end of January, unless we need more time for art, in which case we'll release the Demetria Chastity rewrite as an appetizer 

~6 weeks probably 

gotchu fam

Gabby's apartment is unlockable via her silhouette in the club; then she'll welcome you on the (4th?) floor of the Glendale building. Diamond's apartment visit requires that you sweet-talk her during Claudia's route, I think, though there may also be an option via her silhouette. 

Yeah, Sally's music fuckin slaps, right? It's Brazilian Street Fight, by Punch Deck. 

Haha okay got it 

(1 edit)

Yep, I have it saved as "m_lonely_nights.mp3" with no metadata 

Neither shazam nor audiotag nor aha-music found hide nor hair of it 

I probably made it by mildly producing some Youtube rip

If you're hellbent, you could possibly find it via brute-force searching the first fifty youtube hits for "No Copyright Music Chill Lo-Fi Beats"

If you mean Sally Part Two, it is already live on Steam! 

If you mean the next one, no; probably January 

Tuesday, probably!

This renders some endings impossible to reach, as they require failing at skill checks or running out of money. 80% of the game should still be reachable, though. 

The gameplay is altered in that you have unlimited money and energy


Not to worry! It'll be out around Halloween

Why, it's live right now on our Patreon!

If you're confirmed that you're playing v0.8, Wallis shows up in the park around day 3, in an ice cream truck. Then, after you complete the ice cream truck content, it'll disappear. She shows up at the pool a few days after that. 

Are you using the most recent build??

If you can email us at that might be helpful 

Which scenes are censored? Though we at one point made a censorship build for release in Japan, currently we aren't bothering with that and there should be no censorship in the game. 

Sally 1 will be out here probably at the end of the month, when Sally Part Two comes out for Patreon backers 

You can raise INT at the school! 

We're live;

It's out!


All minigames should indeed be skippable! Either in the game, or in the menu (to disable e.g., the Danceblow)

Changes the Claudia ending, and some cosmetic tweaks on the Chief

You'll find Claudia in the bar; you should probably not get hypnotized by the Chief.

It's a cover of Massive Attack - Angel 

FYI, Rye's route is time limited too. If you decline the trip to the Ryeland, or take an early exit from the Ryeland, you'll need to watch out for the Romanov family coming back to clean up unfinished business. 

The MIF? Yep, we're puttin that in update v1.0

You have my permission! And I expect we'd be curious to read what you write; feel free to drop us a line at or on our Patreon 

There are happier endings than that available with Rye!