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Good news. Thank you!

I have earned it:) It's truth...

Take all time you need. Health first. We'll wait.



Thank you!

Great VN! Waitng for updates...


Sorry for your loss...

My dog, with whom we grew up together, died 10 years ago. He lived for 18 years. Since then, I don't want to have pets anymore. It's too hard when they leave.

I hope you get well soon. Health issues are pretty bad sometimes. I have an ruptured meniscus in my left knee and I have no time to get it fixed. It fucking hurts at times!

And thank you for your colossal work! Soulcreek are really masterpiece!


Thank you for your work!

Oh! Playboy Cthulu Edition? That's surely coolest thing ever!

Wow! It's amazing story. Thank you, Nikko!

Excellent, as usual. Thank you, Yukine!

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Imacus, eh? Giant CAT? 

Made me laugh like crazy. 3:00 AM. The neighbors from the lower floor are banging on the ceiling with a mop, it seems.

Can we hope for English translate?

Thank you! Excellent, as usual!

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Thank you! Glad to see our doggo again!

And can I get a little guide about routes and choices?



Thank you, Yukine!

And another thanks for devotion hints.

Помощь потребуется?

Oh, my...

Colt and Jessie are really hot guys.

Thank you!

Damn, there are both endings equally bad...

And sure, the past cannot be revived. I learned that lesson very well. Hard lesson, I'd say.

Oh my... It happened!!!

Thank you, Shirokoi.

Интересно, качаю.

Glad to hear that, thank you.

Greetings from Russia (no politics please, I even didn't voted for our crazy government morons)...

Songs by Anthemics are here:


Can't find others, sorry.

Thank you, Bob, for your GIANT amount of artwork and writing.

Same thing.

Skeleton №4

Surely, this update is the best of today news.

Thank you! Lust Shards is one of my favorite projects!

Thank you, Nikko!

Great update! Hyacinth is craziest old bitch in whole world.

Also, there are some "Angry Johnny and Killbillies" music, or I wrong?

Scene after Hyacinth slashed her husband. 


Thank you!

Oh, our gentle maned wolf comes again... Thank you, Nikko!

My congratulations, Sir Drakes!

Thank you for "Limits"  -  one of my favorite projects. 

Thank you!

P.S. Anatomic correct doggo dicks are perfect:))) 

Hi, Bob!

First of all, sure, I want to thank you for your work. Jokes aside, there are HUGE amount of your time spent out with this VN. 

And, of course,  main content of the visual novels are text, not background arts. So nothing wrong with AI backgrounds, IMHO.

Sorry for my amateur English, I'm not native speaker, but I try to write without any translators.

Good news! Thank you!

Это бесподобно! Спасибо! Змеепоезд выше всех похвал.


As I usually say, wouldn't hurt always wear some knifes with you. And a segment of office knife razor in the boot, of course.

Hi, Yukine!

IMHO new (right) sprite looks better. That early type round huge sheath looks odd for me.