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The inability to fix the reactor or somehow recharge it means that at a certain point (roughly about 45% power) you automatically lose. It begins a self-perpetuating cycle where you can't slow down your power usage, which degrades the reactor faster, which in turn make you use power faster.

Awesome! Thanks for the update guys. It's such a fun concept, I felt kinda salty that it ended just when it was getting to the interesting point of the simulation.

Really? Simulation Over? You can't just let it keep generating infinitely, you have to give it an end state?

I quite like the humor, and the game is solid as a brick, but the controls aren't quite as tight as they ought to be.

I can tell you were going for a Meat Boy/SMB style game, but in those games, very rarely do you feel like you're fighting with the controls. I had quite a bit of trouble in this with controlling the momentum off of wall jumps personally.

Unfortunately, quick research will find you some bad information about Intel's integrated memory allocation, as I found out myself. However, I found the correct information in a FAQ on Intel's website. You can read that here.

As for proof to my assertion, here's a picture of my own system's graphics properties. I circled the total amount of VRAM my system can use. Here that is. More than enough VRAM to at least run FLSM, if not smoothly.

I'm on a desktop using Intel HD graphics, which uses DVMT. I have 8 GB of standard DDR RAM, and DVMT dynamically increases VRAM (Up to 2 GB) depending on performance requirements. There's a small Wiki article about it here.

I know that's still on the low end, and I do plan on rectifying that in the future, but for now that shouldn't cause the game to crash, just run poorly.

Just tried to run it on Windows 7 64-bit, and it gets to the point where it says "Optical Freeze Activated" then crashes. System File Checker reports no broken DLLs.

Here's the Log File. Pastebin Link