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Does anyone know how far along the game is so far? I want be able to play the game when the stories are completed.

Oh lol my bad

Can we talk about the lore drops?! Like there's a fire that burns half the town at the time of TSR like what

I have yet to touch this game but what is up with the whale???

Omg I completely forgot about that, and that sucks too cuz Will is my favorite

Oh it's there, someone posted it as a "podcast"

Wait I played Echo and I'm confused, what?

I'm literally swooning for Will and still swooning for Murdoch rn, that is all

I spent way to much time outfitting everyone, 10/10 would recommend

I'm literally swooning for Murdoch rn, that is all

Tbh I REFUSE to get that ending because I was snooping and did his route last (my dumbass) and saw allllllll the red flags in advance, and honestly thank god because that would have been traumatizing; that one hug when he started to lose it was already disturbing enough.

Ok perfect thanks

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Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate the soundtrack, like the music goes HARD. Kudos to everyone involved.

So this is where all the art that I oh so desperately craved in Echo went, and honestly, thank god it was with Flynn he's my fav. It was a fun, wholesome experience tho, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Is there any explicit art, I want to know if I should get my hopes up or not

It's not the ending that we wanted. It's not the ending that we liked. It's ending that we needed. It's the ending with TRUE closure (at least if we leave him (I refuse to try and work things out with him)) at least in terms of their relationship.

Oh nooo! I'm finishing on Leo's route too, I thought it was the true ending with the anchor being the prominent symbol of the game, but then I got slammed by TJ and Flynn's endings and now I'm scared.

Jenna had the best ending, at least in terms of emotional content.

Literally going to spend the entire summer trying to understand everything that just transpired in this game.

Being 3 am and woozy as all hell made reading this twenty times more hilarious

You are so real for this I feel seen

I came because I was horny and now I'm questioning my perception of reality, 10/10 amazing game