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Gracias a ti por todas esas ideas y por el nivel de dificultad "Hicks" ;) parece mentira que el juego se haya gestado para un humilde Spectrum 48k pero sea extensible a sistemas actuales, aunque supongo que esa es la esencia de los "casual games", que tienen cierta facilidad para ser portados a diferentes plataformas. Estamos muy orgullosos del resultado final. ¡Abrazos!

This is the essence of Art. The 8bits avant-garde. Congratulations!

Como bien dices despacito y buena letra, sin prisa las cosas salen muy bien. Ha merecido la pena esperar para ver esta maravilla. Felicidades compi!

No no I am very sorry because obviously it is not clear. I will add that explanation to the instructions. You have helped us, thank you!!!

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Hi Athanasius, please question: when the game starts you see the explanation screen and then you press space. Then the main menu appears with a big deva on the left and the menu options on the right. Is here when o p q a does not work?

Just in case: the game starts when you press 1 at the main menu. I say this because if you are using the .tap game with the main menu written in Sanskrit you might not identify that the options are as follows:

if you press keyboard:

1 , then the game will start using the keyboard (o p q a will be used from that moment)

2, start game with Kempston joystick

3, start game with Sinclair joystick

4, shows high scores.

The o p q a keys are used when the game starts after pressing 1 at the main menu but in the main menu you need to press 1 to start the game using the keyboard... So keyboard 1 should be working too.

Is that the problem? I hope it helps.

If the game stars normally because you are indeed pressing 1 to start the game, and the problem is when you are already playing and the chains are falling down, then please tell me so I can help you better which .tap version are you using? English or Spanish? With Sanskrit or without Sanskrit? (I assume that you tried more than one, but just in case if you did not try it could help to identify the potential issue)

Please let me know if still does not work! Cheers.

EDIT: I have retested the 4 HARD versions and I did not find any problem with a laptop. I am using Fuse version 1.5.7.

EDIT2: the o p q a keys are used from level 2 ahead, the first level 1 is just a tutorial in which you just need to press fire, so o p a q are not used until level 2. In level 2 the combos at the left down side will show then combos of 2 actions, the first is a triangle pointing left, up, down or right and the second will be a circle meaning to press space. So basically the game will not let you use the o p q a keys until level 2 because they are not required yet. It could be that too. If you are reaching level 2 and then the combos at the down left side require a direction and then when you press the direction it does not work, please let me know.

Thanks for your kind words and the video!

¡Muchas gracias por darle un tiento!

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Unless wikipedia is wrong (could be?) the text is Sanskrit (see link )

That is strange, I use FUSE too and it works as expected. If I have to guess maybe you have the PC keyborad with the CAPS lock set in capital letters, so space works because capital space and space is the same, but instead o,p,q,a you are sending O P Q A so the game does not recognize those keys. It should be not capital letters set in the PC keyboard for a correct playing. Hope you can fix it!

Thanks for the nice video and your words! Cheers!

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Hello, no we are not, the game is an hommage to the Tibetan Buddishm traditions. The Sanskrit texts have been written taking care that they make sense, but it is difficult con convert to 8bit pixels. Kindest regards and thank you for writing a comment.

¡Gracias por el apoyo, se agradece muchísimo! ¡Abrazos!

¡A ti Eusebio por pasarte y probarlo!

Very addictive game, congratulations!

Felicidades por sacar adelante esta preciosidad. Los graficos de la historia son geniales. ¡Abrazotes!

Many many thanks for your kind words. :) We will continue creating art books for our next projects. Cheers!

¡Gracias a ti por darle una oportunidad, por comentar y por el cafelito! Sí, Don Kelben creo que lo encontrará divertido. ¡Abrazotes!

Thanks for always checking out so quickly our games, it help us very much! Cheers!

Very appreciated! Cheers :)

Genio nada, sólo un poco de ingenio para juntar varias piezas preexistentes y montar algo nuevo. Pero es muy mejorable. Animáos a hacer los vuestros también. Un abrazo y gracias por los ánimos. ^_^

¡Muchas gracias! Pues ojalá la gente se anime a hacer sus propios lanzajuegos para Windows. ^_^