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I just downloaded the game and it said the game takes up 158MB buuut when i extracted it, my laptop said i needed 2.12GB to fully extract the game- andnow its taking up that normal? I'm very limited with space on my laptop because its only 30GB,with 22 being taken up by processing and stuff i cant get rid of ^^' so im only left with 8GB so i hope you can understand my concern for the amount of storage this game takes up- I'm gonna play it here in the next bit but idk what happened with the storage part- is it a glitch on my part? should i re download the game and try that, or...? I'm not too sure but if that's normal then i suppose thats ok!! also the platform i'm on is a windows 10 HP laptop. if that has anything to do with it.

i have the same thing you do.also thanks for your help!! and one more question thats not really related to any of this but more the game- In the 1.0 update, does it continue koshiros story and i made a wrong choice or something? or did it just update the UI and title screen like i think it did?

alrighty thanks! but how do i check what my laptop is operating on? im using a windows HP laptop with windows 8 or 10 in it. not too sure.

I dont run a special program or anything. i just use default i guess? just normal right click and extract all

ay it worked!! thx so much!! >0<

alrighty. thanks ill try  it out

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ive tried extracting it in a new folder by itself, extracting it where it was on the desktop,where it appears in the download folder and just.on my desktop like normal, but im still getting the same error where it cant extract the archive folder and i cant play it if i skip that folderand no matter how many times i re try to extract it, re download and wait an hour, its still not working... at this point im debating if i should really put in the effort in trying to fix this or just wait for the new build which honestly, i really dont wanna have to do,so if you or anyone else that actually reads this can help,please help me out on this. thx

soooooo it didn't work....the past two times I've retried... re download, re try, etc... dunno why this keeps happening

alrighty thx. i'll try

i download the file, extract it, but it gets an error when its extracting near the end at about 98-99 percent, says it can't extract the file "archive" (image)  and if i keep retrying, it keeps getting that error, so i just chose to skip the file but then it does that when i try to open the game. 

please help out!! i keep extracting the file but it keeps having an error extracting file "archive" and idk why but no matter how many times i re tries, it still had the same error. and also when i skip the file it opens up a window they says a ren py game or something but it goes away too fast for me to screenshot it.then this window in the image pops up. Please help me here! im gonna try to re download though, for the third time.

WOTB, about the vocals of keisukes song. i noticed you said you weren't too happy with the way you hyped his voice up then presented him singing with "mediocre vocals" (not trying to say you sung bad though-)  and, well i'd be more than happy to try for keisuke's song if you would like to change his voice in the future. I've been singing for nearly eight years and i have a vocal range of G2-D5 and would be happy to at least record singing it then somehow send it to you, though i don't have the best mic and would have to find a good one first. And no, i'm not going to ask you to pay anything if that's something that crossed your mind. though I am 15, I have the confidence that i can sing pretty good. I would love to hear back from you, WOTB and will get back to you as soon as i can, since i'm gonna be busy with school and such.  I'm sorry if i came off as rude or cocky in any way, that was not my intention. But anyways, let me know soon please!  ^^

important question- When the game is updated,do i have to download the entire game again and my saves will carry over, or will they be deleted, or do i download the new version, take my "saves" file from the old, and put it in the new version? just curious uwu