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"the last 3 times i've downloaded this, it has improved by leaps and bounds each time."

i couldn't agree more! it's just getting better and better!

(If you don't want to read this whole thing just know it's an amazing game!)


1: it's a free game (duh)

2: the music is awesome!

3: the mechanics are pretty smooth.

4: it's an original idea. There is no copying.

5: it is being actively developed.


1: it has a learning curve that might be a little tough.

2: there is an optical illusion where you can't tell how far away the block is. (This is being fixed)

3: there are no settings yet but I'm guessing that's coming soon.

A little thing to keep in mind: the developer is an awesome dude! He even let me make some music for the game (as of 9/21/2020 at 7:34pm it is not implemented yet)


it is

hey i had seen your comment about 7 days ago and have been trying to figure it out and i did so get the desktop app and download and run it from there it should work