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Posted in Let's play

Thank you for your feedback - it's really appreciated!
We're glad that you found to co-op gameplay elements fun to play around with since that's what we were going for.
I can definitely see your point with the lack of an end goal which is one of the first things we're gonna work on when we get back to working on the game.

We will contact you when we've got more gameplay so you can give it a new try.

Posted in Let's play
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Awesome video!

Thank you for playing our game and giving us some inside into how other people play and interpret our game. You seemed to enjoy the game (eventhough the goal is unreachable), which we obviously appreciate a lot! 

If you have any feedback you'd like to give us we're more than happy to receive it - positive or negative.  We've recently decided to keep working on this game for a bit, as this is a school project, so we would love to hear your thoughts, and we would love it if you would like to try it out another time.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day, and keep on playing fun and exciting indie games!

The correct files have been uploaded, so you should be able to download it again and play it.

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave any feedback you want!

Have a nice day.

Hey, thank you for commenting! I just noticed, and I will fix it as soon as I get back! Sorry for the inconvinience