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Can you elaborate on the error? Do you recieve an error message?

Glad you like the new additions to the game and our focus on polishing some of the elements in the game!

I can see what you mean with the sorting machine and how it could help streamlining the process a bit more. I will take the feedback to the rest of the team - especially the designers - and hear what they think about the potential changes. The feedback is appreciated, so thank you!

On another note:

Would you guys mind if we share your new video on our social media profiles once again?

We'd also like to implement the video on our Itch page so people can see some gameplay if they want, and your video will be exposed to all our viewers :)

Have a great weekend!

Fantastic video as always guys! I hope you liked the new additions to the game.

We would love to hear some feedback from you guys if you have any - especially now that you've tried it a couple of times! Is it better? Worse? The same? Every bit of feedback is appreciated.

... And I'll fight all I can so you can push customers into the dungeon :)

Awesome! Looking forward to it

Hello again!

We just released preview version 1.4 which introduces a lot of new features. This includes the sorting machine, the elevator and even a small surprise! It's a whole new game now, so we would hope you guys would check it out once again :)

And another thing; do you guys mind if we share your video on our social media sites?

Awesome video guys! Glad to see that you picked up our game once again - hope you found the introduction of the sack helpful!

We're introducing a lot of new and exciting stuff to the game soon. We've already uploaded a new version of the game with graphics updates to the map last week, and we have some new features coming soon which involves a sorting machine and other goodies. If you're still interested in the game, we would recommend you guys to keep an eye out for the new updates coming soon!

Thank you for your feedback - it's really appreciated!
We're glad that you found to co-op gameplay elements fun to play around with since that's what we were going for.
I can definitely see your point with the lack of an end goal which is one of the first things we're gonna work on when we get back to working on the game.

We will contact you when we've got more gameplay so you can give it a new try.

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Awesome video!

Thank you for playing our game and giving us some inside into how other people play and interpret our game. You seemed to enjoy the game (eventhough the goal is unreachable), which we obviously appreciate a lot! 

If you have any feedback you'd like to give us we're more than happy to receive it - positive or negative.  We've recently decided to keep working on this game for a bit, as this is a school project, so we would love to hear your thoughts, and we would love it if you would like to try it out another time.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day, and keep on playing fun and exciting indie games!

The correct files have been uploaded, so you should be able to download it again and play it.

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave any feedback you want!

Have a nice day.

Hey, thank you for commenting! I just noticed, and I will fix it as soon as I get back! Sorry for the inconvinience