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Glad you liked it ^ ^

Glad you liked it! 

Thank you! I hope you had a great time playing it!

weee thank you for the award!

Glad you like it! :) 

will you be expanding this with another VN or is this the end?

Interesting story! There were some typos here and there, but I'd be interested to learn what happened to the Prince.

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I can vouch for @avior. He's been an amazing addition to our team so far, and we're truly glad to have him. He can follow guidelines in a professional manner!

p.s. I'm the project manager and programmer of the game he's mentioning (The Prince's Heart).

Hi Camille! I sent you a message about our game -

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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More about our game can be found here -

Our team is looking for a marketing person to help our upcoming yaoi visual novel gain more exposure. the project will be completely 100% free and it's a leisure / hobby project for the Yaoi Game Jame 2021.

Team members:

• Writing by A. C. Kass

• Art by Victoria Dobbs

• Music by Informal Friend (Matt Beatty)

• Game Design & Programming by Alex Itsios

Story description

Living in a palace can be its own form of torture, especially for Edward, Michael and David, three young men whose heartstrings are tangled and knotted together. As some dark force stalks the corridors of his home, Prince Edward must uncover the mystery whilst trying to win the hearts of his loves, the strong, kind Michael, and David, the poet with stars in his eyes.

The Visual Novel is currently under development by Origami Rose Team for the YAOI JAM 2021.

What we need from you:

  • create and update the game’s devlog on our page.
  • create Twitter account to post updates there.
  • Post and update relevant Reddit and Facebook groups with our progress.
  • Be part of our amazing team!

Contact: alexei#5190