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Hey there!

awesome game! can´t wait to see more... I made some videos... unfortunatley just german

keep it up!

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You can register the game by yourself in - it doesn´t need to be the Developer. It usually takes a few workdays.

And if you want to stream unregistered games on Twitch, just go for the "Games & Demos" Category.

Hope I could help

are there some new gameplay-elements from 5.20 to 5.22?

Hi there!

sure! I also noticed, you need to "game the game" a bit so you won´t get in that downwards spiral. But hey, you can´t deny the influence :D

I saw the typical kind of Kairosoft-Calendar in the top left and thought to myself "man, this could be a nice one", and indeed, it was... I see Kairosoft, GDT and a bit of Startup Company (which obviously inspired the topic) - all stuff I played a lot so that´s some brilliant news to me!

I put the game in that fancy launcher so I should get a notice when it´s updated.

happy coding!

PS: and if you also were into GDT, check a chinese game called "Mobile Empire" on Steam. It´s actually pretty close to a "GDT but with smartphones" - very similar formula of sliders, demand, etc. but in it´s own way.

Hey there!

huge fan of Kairosoft´s Games on mobile (which is in this case not a bad, it´s a great thing) and I can clearly see something awesome here :D

I run a small, german spoken YT and Twitch-Channel with some emphasis torwards tycoony games, simply because I love them the most.

Will record some episodes tomorrow and put the link in here.

How long is the Demo approx. ?



Thanks! will do...

Hey Guys!

just tried to drop you a message into the contact form on your homepage, but doesn´t seem to work due to some "Application Error"...

any other chance to get in touch with you?


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EDIT: nevermind... found it xD