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Of course I don't mind! 😀 Go for it!

Whoops that's my bad!  I thought I had one more day.  I just posted a new update with the challenges updated.  Enjoy!

Hm I think I bumped it but i will bump and update the file again!

Oh dang, thanks for catching those bugs!  I'll try to get them fixed up ASAP.  The idea of having different themes is actually really interesting.  One I hadn't thought of.  I'll definitely consider it since it'd add a lot of depth! 👍

Good call!  I'll add that in a future update (I should probably add that to all my games ha!).

Hmm, curious!  I have an idea of how to maybe at least alleviate the issue.  I'll get a build out this week with it in place and let you know!

Hmmm I can't seem to replicate it, and the issue I thought it might be (incomplete question data) doesn't seem to be the case either from what I can tell at least.  Does it make the answer selected sound when that happens?  Or can you still select other answers and it just has one with text?  Is it possible your Playdate is like sending double button presses from the previous screen or something?  So sorry for all the questions.  Just trying to narrow down possibilities!

Apologies for that!  My wife had the same complaint this week.  I’m going to try to fix it this week.  I’ll post again when the fix is in 😊

No worries!  I'll look into a fix tonight.  I think I know why it's happening, but I don't know how it would have gotten into that state.  Sorry again!  I'll comment when I have a fixed version up.

That shouldn’t be happening!  I’ll try to get that fixed today.  Sorry about that!

All your data should stay!  When you download a new version and sideload, it should just overwrite the game/question data with new stuff and leave your user data/stats in place.

Apologies for that!  I fixed one bug and introduced another (which I've now fixed as well).  Please try again. 😁

It should be indexed now (it takes a couple of days sometimes according to support)!