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Hello, unfortunately not, for now it's online only, however I'm working on a remake that's going to be on mobile phones and it's gonna be possible to play online and offline! :)

That's actually a very good question! Mythical sounds good however I'm not 100% sure if this will be the name to the Tier above Legendary.

In FAR, REALLY FAR plan in the game will be fighting system and stats system of course! Also, I'm planning to add to that also clothes, armours,  crafting & trading with NPCs. However I'm collecting a party that'll allow me to introduce all of that into the game, but the plans are big and I won't let them go! :)

In the future there will be breeding system for sure. I actually love your idea and I even know how I could put it into the game! You could roll both parents' special body parts & stats, making them unique!

The thing I can guarantee is that if you breed two dragons Tier 0, then you'll get egg of Tier 1 dragon. The higher tier, the more dragons will appear so in the further tiers I won't make all breeding combinations because it'd definiely kill me. However it'll also allow you and other players to experiment with combinations and probably discovered combos will be shown somewhere.

The only issue is the fact that I'll be able to put that into the game in half a year or so since I'm changing the game engine and I'll release the game also on mobiles. But fear not, new dragons will keep on appearing in the game! :P

If you're interested in updates, feel free to join Dragon Farm discord server - it's usually quiet, but I'm posting there sometimes WiPs or posts about updates.

Thanks for playing and remember to take good care of your dragons! :)

It's great to hear that you enjoy my game! Yes, in the future I'm planning to add even more dragons, so stay tuned :)

Thanks for playing! <3