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I would be exceptionally happy about a 64-bit Mac OS (10.15+)  version!

According to the rules, it would be possible to submit an already released game - but presumably that's not the case, is it?

Hej Okushimo, I uploaded a new version and also the source code – enjoy!

This is just great! :D

Also nice!


Das ist natürlich noch besser! 

Falls Du einen Tester brauchst kannst Du dich gerne bei mir melden!

Prinzipiell wohl schon. Aber "0.3 alpha" klingt nicht nach einer endgültigen Version und man kann die Sachen hier auch auf restricted stellen, damit sie nicht für jedermann sichtbar sind. 
Könnte mir auch gut vorstellen, dass es Sinn macht, beim IFGP eine Kategorie für bereits veröffentlichte Arbeiten einrichten (ich bin aber nicht der Ausrichter).

Das sieht sehr gut aus! Wäre schön, wenn Du das beim IF Grand Prix für's kommende Jahr einreichen würdest, aber dafür dürfte es vorher nicht veröffentlicht werden...

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Thanks! Indeed I do! As soon as the comp is over I'll release a slightly updated version that includes the source.

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this should be made clear to the player. also, there is a "+1 G" sign with the first click, but the number of gold is not increased.

♡ ̆̈

This looks fantastic! Will there also be a Mac version?

Hmm... Is it a standard command?

I have tried everything, including decompiling the text of the gblorb file -- I have not found a way to win the game. Can you give a hint?

Incredibly good!

Well done! <3

Lustige Idee, schön umgesetzt!
Vielleicht hast du ja Lust was für den Interaktive Fiction Grand Prix zu machen?

Super nice! Great game mechanic! <3

In the video you can see "Nathan's Journey" (a small demo for Lykia that was released in advance).

very well told story! (save points would be nice though.)

how many endings are there? is there a good one too? 

Super nice! :D

thanks! : )

ok, should I set it to "public" yet?


How do I know if my game is properly committed to EctoComp?

I'm not sure if I've done everything right...  

Well, you did something very special with the parser! When I started playing it, I thought, "He didn't really build a chess set in Inform, did he?".
I wouldn't even know where to start to develop something like that. Especially not two weeks before the deadline. 

I think you're right about the blindness.  But I'm afraid that's always the case when you're more familiar with something. You lose the beginner's view.
At the same time, it's very hard to make something that works for beginners and advanced people alike. Even better if you already have ideas for it! You've already laid the foundation anyway. I am sure that many more great puzzles can be built with it.

The game and the story is as sweet as the cake that is in it! :D

(You could say I'm biased, having just had a daughter myself).

I especially like the symbiosis of childlike spirit and adult implementation. Both are really very good. As an adult, it's probably almost impossible to convey this carefree lightness in a story.... 

I only have one question: Why are the rooms connected in diagonals?

Chapeau bas aux chefs !

Thank you very much for the good review!

I haven't played Tethered yet, I'll have to catch up as soon as possible. 

Now that you say that about the towel, it's so obvious to me that I'm annoyed I didn't put another nice use for it.... 

Since I only know a little bit of chess from my youth, the puzzles were soon too hard for me. 

However, I think that chess with its different pieces is the prototype of a simulation game. The fact that in FDE you slip into the role of a piece and immerse yourself in a world of chess rules is just great! I would love to see a sequel with even more story and easier puzzles!

Hi Kenped,

sorry to hear that!  
Yes, it's a bug and I have a fix but it is not well testet. I'll upload a new version as soon as possible.

For now you can use: 
svyy obggyr ng gnc

Thanks for your feedback!


Yes, unfortunately many frameworks have compatibility problems with Safari and Chrome - it's like Internet Explorer all over again...

I think there's a bug with Safari: For me, no more pictures are loaded after the intro. 

With Chrome, however, everything works as far as I can see : )

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It really feels like being on a flea market, lovely details!

Very nice! <3


A small but really interesting concept!

I can test and give feedback if you like!

Will there be a MacOS version?

Looking forward to this!