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Another absolutely lovely pack! Many thanks once again pzUH!

Love this character pack! Fits perfectly for my project! Many thanks, pzUH!

Another wonderful collection, used the track "Deck the Halls Jazz" as the main theme for my project! 

Thank you Tim Beek for releasing all these fantastic tracks for free! It really helps a lot for us small indie devs!

Thank you so much for this wonderful music pack! I absolutely love all of your work! It fits perfectly for my project!

Loved it!

Thanks for the nice comment RUMBLEBOX! ❤👍

I know this has been out for quite a while, but I absolutely love playing this game on xmas!

Great stuff! It's time like these that makes me proud to be Italian. Though i prefer my pizza with kebab FTW!

Amazing! Though I did have some issues with the barricade mechanic, but nonetheless the overall experience was thrilling. Love the idea and visuals, definitely looking forward for even more content!

That engi reference killed me 😂

Bravo to all of the devs involved in this. Perfect blend of sound, visuals and overall mystery atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Ok this is quite impressive, love the atmosphere, visuals and sound! Everything blends in perfectly

What no comments?!? Ok this is amazing! Many thanks for this awesome tool!

Simple but yet addictive party time! Perfect for friends and family that just wants to have a good time!

Loved it! Always been a big fan of tower defence games! I especially like the idea of using propaganda towers

Lol loved all the human sounds instead of using a typical sfx, a classic touch :D

Just recently discovered this game and I have to say that I absolutely love the idea of a mixed pong genre!

Interesting stuff! Always been a fan of the classic pong!

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Hey thanks for playing my game and for the entertaining video! Will definitely work on a new update to fix on some of the issues you encountered! ❤👍

I have to say that was quite enjoyable (always been a fan of puzzle game) unfortunately what really kills it for me is that there isn't any music or SFX. Though this is understandable since the game was created within 48 hours.

Additionally I noticed that the ghost can be placed in the same grid causing an amusing outcome, also though i do appreciate that you included a handy "How to Play" option on the menu, I do believe that it would be actually handy if it was included in-game. For example the player could bring his mouse on top a ghost and a short description appears. Lastly is there someway to exit game? Had to alt-f4 it.

In overall very enjoyable game, needs more polishing but I see plenty of potential.