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Looks very cool! Do you ever plan to put this on Steam? I would gladly pay a bit of a higher price so you get your intended cut on there if so!

This looks great, I'm not using it myself but I wanted to rate it since its awesome! Good job :)

Thanks for the reply and tips, they definitely help a lot! I'm going to try and make my first parallax background using these tips :D

Hello, beautiful background! 

As a fellow artist I've always wanted to create parallax backgrounds, are they basically just layered images that move at different speeds? 

Anyways, beautiful work. Giving this a download!

Thank you! :)

That would be a nice idea! I will see if I can pull it off! :D

Very interesting game. I have a technical question though. What I found interesting, is if you keep running through the woods in a straight line you may run into the house over and over, but at different angles. I was wondering, is the game world basically a circle? So wherever you go, you eventually end up at the house?

This was actually pretty fun! It made me stop and think about how I should approach the situation.

I was playing alone, it is possible, it adds more challenge as well. So if you don't have a friend you can still try it out.

Overall, Roopit and Boopit is a solid little game to pass the time and make you think about your next move. Good job, can't wait to see where it goes.

Hello chiotzu, sorry for not writing this in the description, I will update that right away!


"Simple Inventory" is free to use in personal, and commercial projects, as long as credit is given in some form, in the project. Even though the asset is free, you may not redistribute the file or its assets online as I would like to have contact with users in case they have questions or feedback.

Hopefully that answers it! I will be including this in the description, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Glad you like it! Put it to good use!