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A member registered Mar 30, 2017

Recent community posts

I think the teleporters should be like tunnels. If you wanted to make them connected, you could place tunnel blocks that make it look like it's connected out there. And if you didn't connect it with the tunnel blocks, the tunnel would look like it's going underground and the end part of it would look like it's coming up. Teleporters that look like tunnels would really be nice since the game is about trains.

With the depositors and collectors, you should add different colors. Each color would also alter where you can put them. Example: Items from a red depositor would be red, and would only be collected by red collectors. This would make the future delivery missions be much better. Imagine having 4 different colored items in one map and you had to deliver them all to different places? That would be neat.


The ally idea is really good, though rolls are already a thing. When you get up from being knocked over, you roll to the side. Also, if you get the get up upgrade, it'll happen faster.

If Clone Drone in the Danger Zone ever has a level editor, can it have a stories/level packs feature? Since the announcers have text-to-speech voices, there could be a feature where you make your own collection of levels with custom dialogue for people to play like the campaign in the game. If that were added, the game would stay fun for a lot longer.