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After interacting with two people, I'll get stuck unable to click dialogue options at the third interaction

I wasn't expecting much from this game, especially not with the phrase 'religious corruption' in the description.But hey, it was free, and I wanted to at least give it a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this game was... actually good.

The words "corruption" and "training" tend to raise a bunch of red flags for me, but turns out in this game that literally just meant helping the girls deal with their issues with occasional fucking, which I am down for. There's also a refreshing lack of incest and girls who look like little kids in this game. A low bar, I know, but a lot of games don't hit it so good job.

Speaking of the girls, I love all of them. Their models are well designed and don't look uncanny, even though a lot of the games on here that use the same parts or whatever look borderline creepy. Of course, I'd be down for a wider variety of body types, but no game is perfect. 

I also was not expecting well written female characters from a game called "Harem Hotel", but I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover. I hated Ashley at first (honestly I was ready to throw down the second anyone was rude to Lin), but her story gave me Emotions. I about cried when Annie got reset. The elf subplot has... a surprising amount of nuance, especially for a porn game. Hell, Autumn get's pretty deep into theology in the beach scene. The nonsexual scenes were some of the best in the game. The subtle way Lin slowly gets more confident and assertive throughout the game is excellent. Like, watching her grow was one of my favorite parts of the game. 

All that said, I do have some suggestions.

- A menu at the beginning of the game where you can exclude certain kinks. I appreciate the one Kali scene giving you the option to opt out, but I feel like being able to avoid that encounter all together would be nice. 

- Character customization, and maybe a gender select. After the huge bonus from Kali's dad, there's not to spend money on besides some bar upgrades. Being able to shop for stuff at "the burning topic" (i fuckin died laughing when i saw the name for the first time) would be kind of neat. I get that this is difficult to implement though, so I don't expect it. The gender select would be cool, mostly because I'm just really fuckin gay for all these ladies but I can live with being a dude for a bit.

- Imma keep it real with you chief; all the dudes look either meh or gross. especially the old men.

- For the elf subplot, it's kinda weird that there's not like, an elf underground railroad or some shit. Not a suggestion, but it kinda feels off.

- Jin should have a story where you help her recover from the Bullshit she's been through. Like, as of now she just hangs around Lin's room and reminds me of the horrors both her and Lin have been through.

- If the male models can be improved, maybe some male elves in the sanctuary! 

- I'd like to see Miss Ren, but only if there's like. Not a sex route for her. She's pretty much Ashley's other mom. That'd be weird.

- The cafe as a location for exhibitionism feels weird, especially since the owners are religious. Aren't there like, kids around? Maybe a nightclub instead, and the cafe could just be a place for dates???

Overall, the current state of the game is a delight and I'm excited to see where it goes. Good job!

I love everything about this game, but I have no braincell disease and cant figure out how to use furniture i bought ahahsdcjahj

say it with me now yall: mommy. issues. 

someone has mommy issues.