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Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Endgame?

Does Fleshcult have an endcgame, or does it go on forever? HOw many areas are there total to unlock?

No problem! Glad to help!
The gender bug is fixed, but now it seems that you can't escape or resist any more, and sex just goes on forever. Unsure if that's related to the gender fix but that's where we're at now. Having fun with the game though!

I notice that you say you can choose if you face male or female opponents, or a mix, but no matter what I select, all opponents are female. Is this a glitch or have male models just not been implemented? Similarly, the models for the male only have strapon options, no options for dick. Is this a glitch, or are the actual options just not implemented?

Is there actually a way to win this game? It seems no matter how far I get, I'm eventually overwhelmed and I lose. Can you actually finish the story? How far do you have to make it?

Thanks. Not sure if it's a glitch but I have a relationship of 15 or more with him and I'm not getting any new options with him. Also I'm not getting the heart on the shopkeeper after doing the date with him, and I'm trying lots of different options. Oh, and I think that if you start a new game in this build, there's no access to show shopkeeper the pendant, so you can't get to the sawmill.

I see in the update notes there's a scene with Hayden. I've completed his tasks but I see now way to trigger it. Any hints?