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Im was stuck and i replayed the game with different actions and the game kinda continued, but again Im stuck as I think i may choosen worg, is that a bug? like interactions or some events just get stuck im obssesed! looking forward the full game!

like...english version plz?:C

Really good game but like maybe a good ending so i dont feel so bad lol

I really wnna play this game! looks amazing

yeah! And maybe like in the design

I dont like it at all, the story is confusing , the transalition is not good , there are quite a lot of bugs and also why isavaliable on browser if its for android?

The story could be interesting with more context i guess

This game looks so promising and amazing! gonna play it rn

what to say, I loved this, Looking forward for the full version :0<3

Okey i had to figure at first because I thought it was a bug , but is just the weird camera angles sometimes that are confusing, cool game tho

I liked the game idea and its pretty cool overall but id like to see a little bit more elaborated design!

Hard game, really cool tho!

i love love love it!

Its a quite original and creepy game! Love it 

For sure ill play em! <3

Im stuck just after rescuing the boy statue help :')

This looks amazing :') looking foward for the english version 

id love to see this as an rpg/ exploring game!

looks so cool tho

I dont know why but just in the intro it stops and wont work :'c I was looking foward to play the game

Ahh thats probably why it worked so weird with the arow keys, tsm!

Is it posible to play this game just with my keyboard? it looks so cool tho :')

lookin cool <3

un juego de miedo de fachas me ha hecho el dia, gracias jsjsjs 

me ha gustao el juego xd

ohh maybe , thanks <3

english plz lol

or espanish :')

its a cool game but I got stuck a lot of times tho <3

no problem! thank you!

Soo pretty and really worthy ,Im waiting for the full release!<3

hope is translated soon <3

its looking so well done, cute and cool but im already stuck aaa! 

i loved it, but it was abit confusing and hard

so cute and cool <3

so cccol but kinda i didnt got it :')

the fact that you cant save just kills me everytime...literally but its a really good game

eh como española creo que voy a disfrutar el juego jajaja un saludo

omg thanks! ill play again!

I just went back to the page to say the game was so g0o0o0od <3