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I actually really enjoyed this game, was a nice little rage/platformer game

Finally got round to playing this and have to say i love it so far, giving me a very eerie feeling to the game, love it :)

love how simple but addicting this game is. looking forward to trying out the other 2 characters :)

hi there, i've tried to play the game but it keeps saying it can't find basic data and can't "write to game.ini"

At first i didn't know what to expect with this game but i personally really enjoyed it, Thought the story was really solid, did a cheeky vid on it, hope ya enjoy

This was one hell of a game to play, completely creeped me out and made me feel uneasy all the way through but kept me glued to the monitor...........except when i got scared lol

As a massive fan of the original game, this really brought back some nostalgia, started a playthrough of this :)

This has to be one of the best games i've played in a long time, I loved the art style and the narrative, keep up the awesome work!!!

not gonna lie i freaking loved this, keep up the great work buddy :)

I have to say i'm really excited for the final game to come out, felt it was a slow start but worth it in the end :)

I was pleasantly surprised with this game, It had alot of emotions and really made you think carefully regarding what actions to take because you want to make sure the couple can work things out, a great game and a topic that can hit home for a few couples that have to deal with this type of situation

I have attached a link of a playthrough I did, how did your stories pan out?

Was quite a fun little game to kill the time, short but sweet

yea of course you can :)

thanks again for making this and I look forward to your future projects :)

not usually the biggest fan of dating sims but this one really kept my interest alive, enjoyed the characters and always a big fan of multiple ending games, also loved the humour from the narrative P.O.V

had a cheeky go for a video, hope you enjoy as much as I did playing