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Thank you for the reply! Good to know it was literally impossible and not just me being bad at the game. I tried entering the cheat but I did not do so on the dead screen, thank you for letting me know! =)

This was already an awesome, hilarious, and pretty fun game. 

Then I discovered the hidden characters and this became the greatest game of all time!

Thank you for this small yet hilarious game! I wouldn't mind a sequel (with a different unexpected twist) or an actual full length game with this story, but I understand you wanting to leave it how it is.

Still, this is one of my favorite games to share with friends for the unexpected twist and the conversion of fear into sudden comedy. Great work!

I love this game visually so far!

Game play wise though, I'm kinda at a loss.

No matter how much I fire at S.I.N. it never seems to take damage, meanwhile it just comes flying in at 1000mph and insta kills me. I tried focusing on minions but that doesn't seem to change anything, and neither does "ASK FOR HELP" when I do get killed.

It's a really cool design and very creepy aesthetic of a game, but I'm getting board and annoyed flying aimlessly until I die. What am I doing wrong?

If you're still having audio issues, just go to settings and adjust the volume either direction. It's a strange fix, but it worked for me.