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Covemonty finally figures out about the program it runs in!!!!

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I'm pretty sure this doesn't remove the block, but instead just pushes it off the viewable board. I can tell this because if you push an hourglass into the space where the block WOULD have gone, you get the permatize particles, the hourglass shatters, and any original permablock supported by the hourglass gets unpermanented

Edit: just realized you can also permatize a covemonty and kill them to remove clutter

It's possible to completely remove a permablock from the play area without permatizing another block, and it's possible to leave no permanents on the play area even after having permatized a block. If you use the hourglass to permatize a regular push block, and multipush it off the map in level 1, you can get rid of it without having to permatize another block, cluttering the play area.

This has the obvious practical application of being able to spell more words. I'm too lazy to do it myself though.

I spent so long looking for it, and I've finally gotten it! THE DUPLICATION GLITCH!!!!!!
You can execute it by getting a permablock in a wall, pushing an hourglass into it, undo, redo by pushing again, and reset level. Then you can push that same hourglass into another block and it won't release the old block. As far as I can tell you can repeat this infinitely. This screenshot was not taken with the level editor.

I'm pretty sure this works with any non-hourglass block that's stuck in another non-hourglass block with lower permanent priority. This includes non-pushables, like flags or Xs. I haven't been able to get it with a wall because it seems like every other block has higher priority when permatizing.

Apparently terrain dice go in the discard and don't get drawn into your hand until the second turn after, so this deck doesn't work anyways, disregard

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Another possible build is

-(Max) Gold Grow Terrain dice
-Gold Grow Block & Heal
-Gold Grow Block & Attack
-Silver Block & Boost
-Hollow Mirror

Under the strategy I found this gives turns 1-5 under worst case scenario
1. 17 shield
2. 68 eff. HP
3. 77 eff. HP
4. 110 eff. HP
5. 123 eff. HP

I think this would beat enemy output up to ~80 at 80 Max HP.

The strategy with this build is as follows

H=Block & Heal
A=Block & Attack
B=Block & Boost

Alternate between

#  #  M #  #           
#  _  #  _  #            
A  #  B   #  T             
#  _  #  _  #
#  #  H  #  #


#  #  A  #  #
#  _  #  _  #
M #  B   #  H
#  _  #  _  #
#  #  T  #  #

If B rolls 3 instead of 2 then put B in the diagonal between A and M, to boost both T and H.

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With best area attack hand I would say you can get ~30+4n damage on turn n consistently, but it would involve no blockers and a Boost & Heal die

OP early game but loses late game. Strat would involve taking out the whole floor before taking damage, but its an unsustainable strategy

With mirror and good boost you can get up to 22, which is pretty good I think

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I think early to mid late game area dice are the way to go, but very late game I think the best dice hand is
-Gold Grow Block & Heal
-Gold Grow Block & Attack
-Silver Block & Boost
-Hollow Mirror
-Hollow Mirror

This allows for ~6 dice worth of effective health each turn. Worst case first turn is 27 shield (3 on both Grow Block dice and 3 on the Block & Boost die) and best case first turn is 34 shield (5 on both Grow Block dice and 2 on the Block & Boost die). 

I can't make assumptions about the average performance because of different face distributions, but I can estimate the average effective health gain to be ~6(n-1)+40 on turn n. (This includes actual hp gained, if you're at max health it will be less).

I would say a good estimate for health is ~80 when you acquire the hand. This would let you survive until the enemies can output ~60-70(?) damage per turn. The strategy would be to outlast+attack enemies until one is left, stop attacking and heal to full, and then kill the last one to move on to the next floor. Bosses are basically the same.

Damn area dice are completely OP, you just have some boost and mirror and you beat the whole floor in one turn

I just used block spam + grow and outlast, it works pretty well

I think the increase max HP thing comes up way more often when you exit the fight with full HP. I think that otherwise it just gives you "Heal all HP" instead.

I played this like 10 times all the way until floor 40 and never realized you could change the selected enemy. It should probably be added in the tutorial. 

Anti permaban would be brain obliterating. Even programming that would drive any person to insanity

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Get ready for wavemount, a game about superposition

or even better,   ₘʷ‭ₒᵃᵤᵛₙᵉₜ

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Next ones gonna have timing something somewhere in it
get ready for clockmount fr

and next its gonna be about general relativity or smth and it will break our minds

erm?? I have 3 permablocks with somehow only having access to two hourglasses??? Top block is from hourglass one, I tried to push hourglass one into the rightmost block, but the first one didn't get unpermenented? Idk how it happened

Eventually when you stop making these it would be really cool to see them compiled into one big game,  maybe even with a level editor or something


Undo does a couple strange things with the reset. In one level, I hit undo after a reset, and re-reset it and not everything got reset. I made a move, undid it, redid the exact same thing, and got a different outcome. kinda weird