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Yeah, it's kinda unfinished because I had some problems 

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definetly take your advice into consideration if i decide to expand on the game

Great game! Love the mechanic of phasing thru walls and the (I don't know if intentional) aesthetic of late 2000's/early 2010's flash games.

Great game! I love how challanging and creative the levels are!

I f*cking hate this game.


Really fun game! I love the animations and the overall look of the game. It would be better if there would be more feedback for when you take damage like a sound effect or a hurt animation.And obviously if it was a bit longer ;)

Pretty good game I got a 46

Great concept! Would love to see you expand on it!

Really fun game! I know it's your first game but here are some things I would recommend if you plan to expand on this game:

Moving the controls to a seperate screen instead of having them in the menu and maybe replacing it to a logo of your game or just the title.

Screen wrapping or just making the borders smaller because sometimes the frog gets to far left or right and you can't see it.

Having an option to choose the difficulty would be also great.

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Great soundtrack, would be cool if you could spawn ghosts with a key instead of having to click the coin every time.