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Love the programm, made the same in Java but you could not create new "chips" you just had the basics.

Nice and simple art I like it very much I am exited for the other game.

First of all Thank You very much for your feed back I wanted to implement features where slimes get kiled automatically.

Ah ok, but Still nice Game :D

Cool Game idea nice Work! Just one question is there an end because I have been sitting here for 10 minutes tring.

First of all thanks, yes I know and already worked on it. Is it allowed to update the Game before the Jam ended?

First thank you very much, I try to add this in a newer Version :D

Nice gamemechanic

Nice game idea

Thanks for the feed back I am trying to fix it in the near future

Thanks you for the feed back, its my first game and had trouble with coin collection.

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This is my first Game Jam and my first Game with Unity. I did have trouble with coin Collection, but still the first jam :D and many to go and learn from.