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Yo~ Good game! The game is beautifully drawn. I particularly liked the details on Charming and Zel. The story is engaging, light, and entertaining. I was kinda shocked about Mer's storyline and it took a few minutes to compose myself but Zel's story made up for it. It was light and fluffy, but it didn't really explain his history very well. Maybe because I only got one ending? I'll try the other soon. ^^

I love Charming in particular. She's fun and sassy, unlike other doormat otoge heroines. What I love about her is that she's likeable despite being bossy and somewhat arrogant.

The story has a lot of potential and you could add a lot more plot in it. I'd love to see Charming's parents' faces someday and the epilogue cg's could use a bit more work, but other than that, excellent job!