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Yeah, it is rather convoluted, did you find the ghoul yet?

I think so, though I'm not the qualified judge on that I can see depth in it as you've shaded the penguin to have a light source in front of it. So I'm pretty sure it's not allowed.

Not sure if this can be counted as a game, but well done for taking part! Good to see other people interested in making games, make sure to look at my one too (speaking of which my game isn't too much of a converntional "game" either as such.)

And if you go over 20 coquis, it resets and poison darts don't go up.

The "upgrade to poison dart" button doesn't work. Just to let you know.

Hmm, seems pretty decent, played it once or twice, did you make all the assets in 3 days? Or did you already have them so you just did programming? Either way pretty neat.