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Very charming game, came across it in Twitter mentions. How did you get the game to save in the browser version? 

Love the art, main menu and animation! Gameplay was not incredibly engaging for me. Maybe if there was more mystery? Like the ground is dark until you get closer to it, or having treasure chests with power ups

It's  a neat idea with a lot of polish for the jam! Excellent sprites and use of music/sound.

 I also had some problems with moving one space. 

Interacting with objects is a little unresponsive, but overall a nice little experience that can be completed in 5 min once you figure it out

Nice art style and interesting combat strategies

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Nice looking game. Cool to look at for a few minutes

Short and sweet!

Neat little game! Yeah piggy is invincible, but the concepts are well executed for what it is!

I liked the art, dialog and sounds, but found gameplay lacking. There wasn't really a point to the "move or lose health" mechanic. Very charming and a good starter project!

Loved the sounds and particle effects